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The script of this programme 本节目台词

Li: 大家好我是杨莉,欢迎收听《地道英语》。

Rob: And hello, I'm Rob. Now Li, I need to tell something. You know John in the office? Well, he's got a new job.

Li: That's great news. How is he feeling?

Rob: Well, obviously, he's over the moon.

Li: What? John “在月亮上”?这不成了嫦娥了。Is he going to be an astronaut?

Rob: No Li! Well, I don't think so, anyway! I just mean he's extremely pleased and happy.

Has John really jumped over the moon?

Li: Oh I see. I know the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle, "the cow jumped over the moon", but I've never heard of a man jumping over the moon, so he must be very, very, very excited.

Rob: It's just a saying Li. He's not actually jumping over the moon. We say it to show that he's so excited that, in theory, he could jump as high as the moon!

Li: And over it! 如果某人非常高兴,欣喜若狂就可以用 over the moon 这个短语,比喻一个人欣喜至极甚至都可以飞到月球上去。

Rob: Actually, Li, do you know how high the moon really is?

Li: No, but I know it's a long way away.

Rob: It certainly is! Let's hear some more examples of people being over the moon…

  • When Jane heard she had won the lottery, she was over the moon.
  • When he found out he'd passed his exam he was over the moon.
  • I can't hide it; I'm over the moon about getting a promotion.

Li: 所谓在月亮之上就是形容一个人欣喜若狂。

Rob: Of course John is not only over the moon about getting a new job – he's also on cloud nine.

Li: What? Moons, clouds… 约翰现在是在九层云霄之上?Is he going to be an airline pilot then, or a bird even?

Rob: No, nothing like that. It's just another way of saying he's very excited and happy – he's up on a very high cloud – cloud nine.

Li: I see. 如果你在九层云霄之上 on cloud nine, 那也同样表示你非常心满意足,就像飞上云端。

Rob: Here's some examples:

  • Julie got married last week and she's been on cloud nine ever since.
  • I've never seen Fred so happy; he's been on cloud nine since he passed his exams!

Rob: So, now we know what to say about someone who's very excited and happy.

Li: Yes, two good phrases. So come on Rob, if John is not going to be a pilot or an astronaut, what is his new job? Something just as exciting maybe?

Rob: No – he's going to be an accountant.

Li: 什么? 会计师!Are you sure? What's that I can see jumping over the moon?

Rob: Is it a cow? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Li: No, it's John, he really is over the moon! And he really is a star!

Rob: Come on Li, let's get down to earth and say goodbye to everybody.

Li: 我们下次的《地道英语》节目再会!Oh, Rob, I think he got stuck over there!

John: Help, help!


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