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The script of this programme 本节目台词

Abigail: Hi. You're listening to Authentic Real English. I'm... actually, sorry Feifei, I can't really stay long, I've got a lot to do.

Feifei: Hi, I'm... What do you mean you've got a lot to do? 你有很多事情要做,忙什么呢?

Abigail: Oh, well, you know I'm having a dinner party this evening.

Feifei: 啊对了,晚上你要请客吃饭。我也去。So? That's this evening, you don't need to start now!

Abigail: Oh no but I really have big ideas. I'm really going to town.

Is Abigail going to 'go to town' with red food at her dinner party?

Feifei: 你要去城里?We're in town already. Just go to the supermarket and buy a few ready meals 买上几份方便速食。No one will know.

Abigail: Ready meals?! No I'm really going to town.

Feifei: Will you stop saying you're going to town? You're supposed to be working.

Abigail: No. Going to town is what you say when you're going to a lot of trouble, making something really special.

Feifei: 原来 going to town 的意思就是努力做一件事情,大作一番。看来你们英国人一定非常喜欢市中心城里?

Abigail: Yes, I think we do. Have a listen to some examples:

  • The wedding was beautiful, they really went to town. Everything was decorated pink and white.
  • This is lovely food - they've really gone to town.
  • Have you seen the admin team? They're really going to town on that paperwork.

Feifei: Well, just as I thought I understood, you confused me again. 我知道你可以用这个短语来形容请客吃饭或准备婚礼做寿什么的... But how can you go to town on paperwork? 也能形容文职工作?

Abigail: Hmm, yeah, good point. I suppose they're going to a lot of trouble, making a special effort.

Feifei: I suppose I can see that. 他们工作不遗余力非常认真。They're really going to town.

Abigail: I still have to think about my dinner tonight. Maybe I'll buy flowers. I could make cocktails. I know - all the food could be red!

Feifei: 所有的菜都是红色的! When you go to town you really go to town!

Abigail: Oh no, wait, wait, all the food could be silver!

Feifei: Right, you keep planning, I'll just get the ready meals.

Abigail: Oh no, wait, Feifei, everyone could dress as animals! We could eat on the roof!

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