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The script of this programme 本节目台词

Yang Li: Hello, I'm Yang Li. 欢迎收听《地道英语》 Authentic Real English.

Kaz: And I'm Kaz. Hey Li I'd like to introduce you to these three gentlemen...

Yang Li: Kaz 带来了三位男士,还要把他们向我介绍,很有意思...

Kaz: Li I'd like you to meet Tom... Dick... and Harry.

TDH: How do you do?

Yang Li: How do you do. 结识新朋友嘛,总是令我很高兴,不过为什么把他们带到录音室里来呢?Kaz, why do we have three guests in the studio today?

Kaz: Ah I've invited them because their names are Tom, Dick and Harry.

Yang Li: 三位客人的名字恰好是最常见的 Tom, Dick 还有 Harry, three popular English names. And are these names connected to a phrase by any chance Kaz?

Kaz: Absolutely right Li. Our phrase today is 'every Tom, Dick and Harry'.

Yang Li: 'Every Tom, Dick and Harry' 这个短语的字面意思是每个汤姆、迪克和哈里 - 不过实际意思是随便什么人- meaning everyone with a common name.

Can Tom, Dick and Harry be these three cute cats?

Kaz: Yes, In English if you want to talk about lots of unspecified people you can use the phrase 'every Tom, Dick and Harry'.

Yang Li: Kaz 说当这三个名字联起来时意思就很类似汉语里的张三李四王五赵六 so it's like saying 'everyone' Kaz, right?

Kaz: That's right but it's more informal and slightly humorous.

Yang Li: 这是一种通俗表达,'every Tom, Dick and Harry' 而且还带有一些幽默感。I think you should demonstrate its use Kaz.

Kaz: OK Li. Imagine I tell you something in confidence... I could ask you not to repeat it.

Yang Li: In confidence 保密地。Kaz 让我为他保密,不要外传。

Kaz: We don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing about it.

Yang Li: 我们不想让所有人都知道这件事 we don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing about it.

Kaz: You've got it Li!

Yang Li: Thanks Kaz. 下面我们再听几个例句吧:


  • Shhhhh! Lower your voice! We don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry to hear us.
  • Make sure you send out invitations, otherwise you'll have every Tom, Dick and Harry showing up at your party.
  • Whatever you do, don't tell Doug. He can't keep a secret and soon every Tom, Dick and Harry will know about it.

Yang Li: 汤姆、迪克和哈里这三个名字其实都是缩写,把一个较长的名字缩短了, 我知道 Tom 是 Thomas 的缩写,Harry 是 Harold 的缩写。But Kaz - what's Dick short for?

Kaz: Dick is short for Richard.

Yang Li: I see, 原来 Dick 是 Richard 这个名字的缩写,Dick for Richard. So what's Kaz short for?

Kaz: We don't need to know that Li.

Yang Li: Why not Kaz?

Kaz: Because we are very unlikely to ever say 'every Kaz, Dick and Harry'.

Yang Li: Very funny Kaz 我看时间到了我们要感谢我们的三位贵宾 'Tom, Dick and Harry'. Goodbye chaps!

TDH: Goodbye!

Yang Li and Kaz: 感谢收听我们下次节目再会 from me and Kaz. Bye!

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