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The script of this programme 本节目台词

(Feifei is in front of the theatre, anxious, when Neil shows up)

Feifei: 哎呀,你终于来了。我都在剧院前等了老半天了。Let's go in!

Neil: Calm down, Feifei. You are too excited!

Feifei: 我能不激动吗!太爱这部剧了,今天终于可以看了!Let's go!

Neil: The tickets... (He searches his pockets) the tickets... Where are the tickets? I can't find the tickets!

Feifei: What!? 票找不到了?你没开玩笑吧?

Neil: I'm not joking! I can't find them.

Feifei: 你怎么能把票搞丢了呢?怎么能这样对我呢?I'm so disappointed!

Woman 1: Oh! Look, she is hysterical! Do you think she will slap him?

Woman 2: He is really inconsiderate!

Neil: Feifei, don't make a scene!

Sometimes there is more drama off the stage

Feifei: I have to make a scene. 我大吵大闹是因为你把票丢了,我盼望了这么久的,这下好,看不成了。

Neil: 'To make a scene' is an expression we use in English to describe when somebody causes a disturbance or is loud in public. Often it's embarrassing. Let's hear some examples of how this expression is used:

  • I will never go back to the restaurant again. Last night Jane made a scene when the waiter brought fish instead of the beef she had ordered! It was very embarrassing.
  • Don't make a scene, Alan! We are not married yet and I can go out with whoever I like – including your best friend!

Feifei: 'To make a scene' 常用来形容某人在公共场合大吵大闹。I'm sorry, Neil. 我不是故意要当着这么多人面冲你嚷嚷,可是你知道我是多么想看这部剧吗?诶,出租车司机这是要干嘛呢?

Taxi driver: (Approaches them in a hurry) There you are, sir. I found these tickets on the back seat of my taxi. They might have slipped from your pocket.

Feifei: 太好了,他在车上找到了票!票肯定是从你口袋里给掉到车座位上的。

Neil: Oh, thank you so much! Feifei was really angry. Now, the drama is over!

Feifei: 你是说戏就要开始了吧!你真是我的好朋友 Neil. You are my best friend ever!

Neil: Thank you, Feifei. You are my best friend too! I'm glad we can watch the play together!

Woman 1: Look. Isn't it marvellous? They are friends again!

Woman 2: Don't you just love a happy ending?

Feifei: 咱们进去吧!Oh, I'm so happy! Bye.

Neil: Bye.

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