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chinadaily.com.cn 2018-08-10 15:40


>McDonald's unveils MacCoins
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac, McDonald's is distributing across the globe a five-piece set of commemorative coins, a birthday gift to fans of the iconic fast food sandwich. McDonald's China started distributing the MacCoins in 2,500 outlets across the country on Monday. Customers can receive a MacCoin with the purchase of a Big Mac. Media reported that people queued up at McDonald's stores for the coins, and some even fainted due to long waits. On Xianyu (Idle Fish), the used-goods mobile app of e-commerce giant Alibaba, a MacCoin is now priced 80 yuan while a set of five MacCoins 800 yuan amid the market craze.



>Heat at the top of the world
The Arctic Circle - the realm of polar bears and dwindling sea ice at the top of the world - hit 32 degrees Celsius, last week. A photo of what appears to be Scandinavian folks taking a dip in a river while reindeer - the cold-adapted, antlered, herbivores - cooled off in the water beside them is perhaps the best example of just how hot it is in parts of the Arctic Circle right now. Andrew Derocher, a professor at the University of Alberta who studies polar bears, said climate change is shrinking the ice polar bears usually hunt on, making them spend more time on land closer to humans.

A file photo of the Swedish Royal Family's crown jewels [Photo/VCG]

>Swedish crown jewels stolen
Thieves snatched some of Sweden's crown jewels before escaping in a speedboat as part of a Hollywood-style heist in broad daylight. Police used helicopters to chase the culprits, but no arrests have been made. Two crowns and an orb - one belonging to King Karl IX, the other to Queen Kristina - were snatched from locked glass boxes in the Strangnas Cathedral, which is located west of Stockholm. Swedish Police said in a statement they've deployed helicopters and boats to search for the pair, who sped off in a motorboat into the vast system of lakes west of Stockholm.


Protesters hold placards during a gathering against gender-based and sexual violence called by the Effronte-e-s Collective, on Republique square in Paris, France, on October 29, 2017.[Photo/VCG]

>France bans street abuse
French lawmakers passed a law, imposing fines for instances of sexual harassment on the street. The law instituted a fine of up to $815 for gender-based harassment on streets and public transportation after a viral video showed 22-year-old girl being attacked by a man after she told him to "shut up" when he harassed her as she passed by. The law outlaws sexual or sexist comments and degrading, intimidating or hostile behavior. The law also extended the deadline for underage victims of rape to file complaints to 30 years after they turn 18 and stated sex between an adult and a person of 15 or under can only be considered rape if the younger party was judged not competent to give consent. It is expected to take effect in September.

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