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chinadaily.com.cn 2018-08-31 15:19

First lady Melania Trump smiles at a Cyberbullying Summit at the Department of Health and Human Resources building in Rockville, Maryland on August 20, 2018. [Photo/VCG]

>First lady has a body double
Conspiracy theorists have again suggested Melania Trump has a body double that appears with the president out in public. During her trip with her husband President Donald Trump to Columbus, Ohio, on Aug 24, the clothes and hair of FLOTUS (First Lady Of The US) were the center of attention. The 48-year-old donned a monochrome ensemble including a polka dot blouse and sunglasses. But people on social media who believe the theories suggested her alleged stand-in couldn't get the outfit right. "Hair color and hair parting wrong, blouse wrong...it defo ain't her," one Twitter user mentioned. Others even analyzed the appearance right down to her posture, poses and weight, with some suggesting the person they were seeing was around 20lbs heavier than Melania and that the giveaway was in her fuller face. Melania is also known for her silky brunette locks but this woman's hair appeared to be way darker.


A man flies a drone to collect information about crops at a farm. [Photo provided to China Daily]

>Coffee drone patented
IBM has filed a patent for an unmanned aerial vehicle that's capable of dropping off a cup of coffee to employees or café customers before they even ask for one. The drone would use sensors to determine when someone wants a drink, by looking for specific hand gestures, or by assessing their "pre-determined cognitive state." It would then fly over to the person, with the drink attached to the device via a drink holder, such as a plastic bag, and deliver the coffee. It would even factor in users' habits around coffee consumption to predict when and where it would need to deliver a cup next. "Coffee consumption often has a habitual or ritualistic aspect to it, with many individuals having coffee to start their day, punctuate a midmorning break or as an after dinner activity," the patent explains.



>Toddlers aware of perception
A new study revealed toddlers are aware how others judge them by two-years-old. Previous research suggested this behavior first appears in children aged four to five years-old. The latest finding reveals young children are more aware of their surroundings than previously thought, scientists said. "Our concern for reputation is something that defines us as human," said lead researcher Sara Valencia Botto from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. "We spend resources on makeup and designer brands, are terrified to talk in front of an audience and conform to many of society's standards because we are concerned with how others will evaluate us. We believe our findings get us closer to comprehending when and how we become less or more sensitive to other people's evaluation, and it reinforces the idea that children are usually smarter than we might think."



>Biscuit offenses in office
Tens of thousands of workers across the UK enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit at their desks, but now a study has revealed you should never dunk at the office if you want to keep your colleagues on side. Dunking at your desk is considered a major faux-pas by a fifth of British tea drinking office workers, according to a new survey of 2,000 employees by McVitie's. The study also showed that other deplorable biscuit offenses include opening a packet of biscuits that didn't belong to them, and leaving a trail of crumbs on someone's desk. Biscuits don't always divide colleagues however, according to another study. A previous survey by McVitie's found that half of British workers say sharing the sweet treats with colleagues makes them feel happier, with more than a quarter saying they even helped forge stronger relationships.

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