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小测验 — 和 “购物” 有关的英语表达



每年十一月,国内有 “双十一” 狂欢节,而在英国,月末会迎来名为 “黑色星期五 Black Friday” 的购物日。大家趁各种促销活动之际,加入到购物潮中去,为即将到来的圣诞节买礼物、做准备 。你知道哪些和 “购物 shopping” 有关的小常识?“砍价” 用英语怎么说?做《英语小测验》寻找答案吧!

1. What do we call it when we go shopping to cheer ourselves up?

a) shopping therapy

b) buying therapy

c) retail therapy

d) purchase therapy

2. I don’t like to negotiate a price when I shop at the market because I’m no good at ______.

a) fiddling

b) haggling

c) juggling

d) arguing

3. Black Friday may come from the expression to be ‘in the black’ which means to ______ a profit.

a) make

b) create

c) do

d) form

4. This expression means you go to different places to find the best price before buying something.

a) to buy delay

b) to purchase preview

c) to shop around

d) to look about

5. Special sales like Black Friday are a good time to ______ .

a) hold a reduction

b) grab a bargain

c) pick up a result

d) score a hit

6. I save my money all year then on Black Friday I go on a ______ .

a) buying bonanza

b) trading tirade

c) purchasing power

d) shopping spree


1) c, 2) b, 3) a, 4) c, 5) b, 6) d.

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