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chinadaily.com.cn 2019-01-10 15:10

US President Donald Trump delivers a televised address to the nation from his desk in the Oval Office about immigration and the southern US border on the 18th day of a partial government shutdown at the White House in Washington, January 8, 2019. [Photo/Agencies]

>Trump urges wall funding
US President Donald Trump made a televised plea for border wall funding Tuesday night, seeking an edge in the shutdown battle with congressional Democrats as he declared there is "a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul." Addressing the nation from the Oval Office for the first time, Trump argued for funding on security and humanitarian grounds as he sought to put pressure on newly empowered Democrats amid an extended partial government shutdown. Democrats have vowed to block funding for a wall, which they say would be immoral and ineffective, and have called on Trump to reopen shuttered portions of the government while border negotiations continue. During his address, Trump did not declare a national emergency over the border wall dispute.



>Rise in obesity surgery
More than 41,000 overweight people needed joint replacement operations last year as the UK health chiefs warn of a national crisis of obesity. Patients going for surgery to replace knees or hips has soared six times in just eight years, from 6,191 in 2009-2010 to 41,761 in 2017-2018. Seven teenage girls were included in the number and the 600% rise in such procedures is costing the National Health Service £200 million a year. Health officials called the findings of The Sunday Times investigation "horrifying" and warned of a "national obesity crisis".


Former President Barack Obama accepts the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award at a ceremony in New York. [Photo/IC]

>Obama on Billboard chart
Former US president Barack Obama appears in "One Last Time", a remix inspired by the musical "Hamilton". The former president made his debut on the Billboard Hot R&B Songs chart last week, landing at No 22 on the Jan 5-dated rankings with "One Last Time (44 Remix)." The song started with 307,000 on-demand US streams and 9,000 downloads sold in the week ending Dec 27, according to Nielsen Music. Obama previously appeared on two now-defunct Billboard charts. "A Moment in History: The Inauguration of Barack Obama" hit No 6 on the TV DVD Sales tally in March 2009, while a song, "Pop Off," by JX Cannon featuring Obama, reached No 10 on the Billboard + Twitter Emerging Artists in December 2015.
美国前总统巴拉克•奥巴马出现在了音乐剧《汉密尔顿》歌曲《最后一回》的混音版当中。奥巴马上周首次登上了公告牌节奏布鲁斯热门歌曲榜,他参与的单曲《最后一回》(44混音版)在1月5日的排行榜中位居第22名。尼尔森音乐报告显示,截至去年12月27日,这首歌在美国在线点播网站上的当周点击量达30.7万次,下载量达9000次。此前,奥巴马也曾有两支MV在公告牌上榜(现已停止发行)。一支是《历史时刻:巴拉克•奥巴马的就职典礼》,2009年3月在电视DVD销量上位列第六;另一支是J•X•加农演唱与奥巴马合作的《Pop Off》,2015年12月这首歌在公告牌+推特新星榜中排名第十。


[Photo/Volo Beauty]

>Cordless hair dryer unveiled
Volo Beauty has unveiled what it claims is the world's first cordless hair dryer. The firm showed off its award-winning technology at CES Unveiled on Sunday night ahead of the show's official opening, revealing how it strays from the traditional coil-heating system to dramatically cut down the time it takes to dry your hair. According to Volo, the wire-free blow dryer can run on medium heat for more than 20 minutes on a single charge - although the firm says it can dry long hair in just about 10 minutes. The system, called Volo Go, has a battery incorporated all throughout the handle, allowing it to ditch the cords for truly untethered use. But, it doesn't come cheap; Volo says its cordless dryer will be released at $399.
Volo Beauty公司发布了其称为全球首款的无绳吹风机。该公司于6日晚在国际消费类电子产品展览会正式开始前的展示活动上展示了这项获奖技术,展现了与传统线圈加热系统相比这款产品如何极大地缩减吹干头发的时间。Volo公司称,尽管吹干长发仅需10分钟左右,这款无绳吹风机充一次电可在中档加热模式下续航20多分钟。这种名为Volo Go的系统在整个手柄处内置了电池,这使其可以摆脱束缚,真正实现无绳使用。不过这款吹风机价格不菲,Volo公司称将以399美元(约合人民币2733元)的价格发售这款产品。

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