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小测验 — 和 “睡眠” 有关的英语词组



每当假期过后,人们都希望能延长假期中慵懒的时光,继续放松一下。每年的1月3日是 “睡眠节 The Festival of Sleep”。良好的睡眠会能让人一整天都精神抖擞,充满干劲儿。通过做六道小题,学习和 “睡眠” 有关的英语表达。

1. If you know something really well and are able to do it easily you can say this.

a) I can do it on my sleep.

b) I can do it while I sleep.

c) I can do it in my sleep.

d) I can do it during my sleep.

2. In the evening, I’m so tired I usually ______ in front of the TV.

a) drop on

b) drop in

c) drop off

d) drop out

3. You don’t have to decide now. Why don’t you ______ before you make your final decision.

a) take a sleep

b) sleep on it

c) go to sleep

d) have a sleep

4. On Saturday morning I like to stay in bed and have a ______.

a) lie-off

b) lie-at

c) lie-on

d) lie-in

5. Which expression means to sleep really well?

a) sleep like a cat

b) sleep like a log

c) sleep like a stone

d) sleep like the ocean

6. I’m exhausted, last night I ______.

a) didn’t sleep a wink

b) slept like a bat

c) didn’t toss and turn at all

d) slept really well


1) c, 2) c, 3) b, 4) d, 5) b, 6) a.

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