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中国日报网 2019-01-30 15:38

Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz delivers remarks at the Starbucks 2016 Investor Day in Manhattan, New York, US, December 7, 2016. [Photo/Agencies]

>Starbucks tycoon under fire
Howard Schultz, the billionaire former CEO of Starbucks, is considering an independent campaign for president in 2020. During an interview with the CBS program "60 Minutes", the lifelong Democrat said the country is in a "fragile time" and President Donald Trump is "not qualified to be the president." He added that both parties "are consistently not doing what's necessary on behalf of the American people and are engaged every single day in revenge politics." The backlash was swift. Democrats are worrying that would split the anti-Trump vote and lead to his re-election. Trump on Monday fired back at Howard Schultz, saying the former Starbucks CEO doesn't have the "guts" to run for president. "I only hope that Starbucks is still paying me their rent in Trump Tower!" Trump tweeted.


This Jan 28, 2019 photo shows the entrance to the main Duke University campus in Durham, North Carolina. [Photo/AP]

>Duke professor steps down
A director of graduate studies at Duke University has stepped down after she asked Chinese students to speak only in English while on campus, even during breaks. Megan Neely, an assistant professor at the university, is believed to have sent an email to students after receiving complaints from two unnamed colleagues. "Both faculty members picked out a small group of first year students who they observed speaking Chinese (in their words, VERY LOUDLY) in the student lounge," she wrote. The assistant professor added that while she had the "utmost respect" for international students, she encouraged them to "commit to using English 100% of the time" while in university buildings and in professional settings. Medical School Dean Mary Klotman said she had asked Duke University's Office of Institutional Equity to conduct a review of the graduate program, "to recommend ways in which we can improve the learning environment for students from all backgrounds". "There is absolutely no restriction or limitation on the language you use to converse and communicate with each other," she said.


Street life in Plovdiv Bulgaria on 18 January 2019.[Photo/SIPA]

>Town attracts foreigners
An Italian town is offering foreigners $10,000 to move there. The latest deal comes from Giovanni Bruno Mattiet, the mayor of the tiny Alpine village of Locana. He's willing to pay up to 9,000 euros, or $10,200, over three years to families willing to move in and take up residency there, as long as they have a child and a minimum annual salary of 6,000 euros. "Our population has shrunk from 7,000 residents in the early 1900s to barely 1,500 as people left looking for a job at Turin's big factories," Mattiet said. "Our school each year faces the risk of shutting down due to few pupils. I can't allow this to happen." And while Mattiet's deal was initially offered just to Italians or foreigners already living in Italy, he's now so desperate to save his town from dying, he's extending it to non-Italians abroad too. "We're looking to draw mostly young people and professionals who work remotely here," he said. "There are dozens of closed shops, bars, restaurants and boutiques just waiting for new people to run them."
近日,意大利一座小镇向移居那里的外国人提供1万美元。这项最新政策是由洛卡纳的阿尔卑斯山小村镇长乔瓦尼•布鲁诺•马蒂埃特提出的。只要移居当地的家庭有一个孩子,且其最低年收入达6000欧元,马蒂埃特便愿意在三年内向这样的家庭支付最高9000欧元(1.02万美元)。马蒂埃特称:"随着人们前往都灵的大工厂找工作,我们的人口从上世纪90年代初的7000人缩减至不足1500人。由于学生太少,镇上的学校每年都面临关闭,我不能容许这样的事情发生。" 起初马蒂埃特的政策只面向意大利人或已居住在意大利的外国人,但如今他太想将他的镇从死亡边缘拯救回来,于是也向国外的非意大利人放开了这项政策。他表示:"我们希望吸引年轻人和可以远程工作的专业人士到这里来,我们有几十家关张的商店、酒吧、饭馆和精品店等待新人经营。"


Photo taken on Nov 24, 2018 shows a Persian cat during the American Cat Show Bologna 2018 in Bologna, Italy.[Photo/Xinhua]

>Smart treadmill for cats
A South Korean company claims that its smart exercise machine can keep felines in tip-top shape even when their owners are away. The Little Cat treadmill relies on LED lights to motivate cats to exercise, allows owners to check on the cat's activity when they're away and record encouragement voice messages for their pet. A companion app will let users set fitness goals for their fatter felines. The exercise machine is shaped like an oversized hamster wheel. The smart treadmill will hit the market later this year, at a price of around $1,800.

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