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chinadaily.com.cn 2019-02-14 15:50

Screenshot of Piyush Goyal's Twitter]

>Minister mocked for video
India's railways minister has been mocked for sharing a video of the country's first locally built fast train - using footage that had been sped up to twice its normal speed. Minister of Railways and Coal Piyush Goyal tweeted "It's a bird...It's a plane...Watch India's first semi-high speed train built under 'Made in India' initiative, Vande Bharat Express zooming past at lightning speed". But the video was doctored, according to an investigation by AltNews, an Indian website that has made a specialty of debunking false news stories and social media rumors. Train enthusiast Jaiswal wrote under Goyal's post that the video appeared to be footage he had taken in December, with its speed doubled. He tweeted a link to his version of the clip. AltNews then put the two videos together so they could be viewed side-by-side. In that, the same train is significantly slower. But the train, Train 18, is indeed India's fastest train to date. It will travel between New Delhi and Varanasi at a maximum speed of 130km/h.


People visit the Ppeppa Pig-themed pop-up store to preheat the upcoming movie "Peppa Celebrates Chinese New Year" in Shanghai, China, 22 January 2019.

>'Peppa Pig' causes accent
Parents in the US are claiming the UK's popular children's TV show "Peppa Pig" has caused their kids to start speaking in a British accent. Dozens of parents have recently shared their concerns on Twitter, with many blaming the TV show for causing a change in the way their children are speaking. Twitter user @Supersly20 wrote: "My 4-year-old baby girl loves watching 'Peppa Pig' and I have noticed her accent and grammar is extraordinary. Last night I tucked her to sleep and she looked at me and said, 'Daddy, can you snuggle me'? I don't remember the last time I used that word". US mother and writer Janet Manley dubbed it the "Peppa effect".



>New emojis are coming
Are you ready to welcome a new collection of emojis in 2019? Unicode Consortium, the non-profit organization that sets standards for new emojis, recently gave the nod to the release of 230 new emojis that include a waffle, a juice box, an otter, a sloth, a wheelchair, a guide dog, a yawning face, a sari and a one-piece bathing suit. According to the consortium, these new emojis are created to promote inclusivity and cultural diversity. The new emojis will show up on smartphones and computers in the second half of the year.


Huang Zheng, founder and CEO of online discounter Pinduoduo, speaks at the firm's listing celebration in Shanghai on July 26, 2018. [Photo/VCG]

>New self-made billionaires
Six of the world's 10 wealthiest self-made billionaires age 40 and under are from the Asia-Pacific region, according to the latest Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Four are Chinese and two are Australian. Just three are from the US, which used to dominate the list. Zuckerberg tops the list of the world's richest self-made young people with a $65.5 billion fortune. Joining him are Colin Huang, chief executive officer and founder of Pinduoduo ($13.7 billion), who rose to second from third in 2018, as well as Facebook co-founders Dustin Moskovitz ($11.8 billion) and Eduardo Saverin ($9 billion). The other Chinese billionaires to qualify are TAL Education Group founder Zhang Bangxin ($5.5 billion), Dajiang Innovation Technology founder Frank Wang ($5.2 billion) and Bitmain Technologies co-founder Micree Zhan ($5.2 billion). Another Chinese technology entrepreneur, Meituan Dianping co-founder Wang Xing, sits just outside the Top 10 with a $4 billion fortune.

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