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小测验 — 学几个 “浪漫的” 英语词汇



2 月 14 日是 “情人节 Valentine’s Day”。情侣们庆祝这个浪漫节日的方式有很多,比如 “约会”,一同享用 “烛光晚餐”,送对方 “一束玫瑰”,甚至是 “求婚”。下面的六道题考考你对情人节传统以及相关固定搭配和词汇的掌握。

1. A typical present on Valentine’s Day is a ______ of red roses.

a) bouquet

b) bucket

c) branch

d) packet

2. Another common present on Valentine’s Day is a ______ of chocolates.

a) bottle

b) box

c) crate

d) basket

3. In some cultures, people send ______ ‘Be My Valentine!’ cards or gifts to someone they like. The recipient doesn’t know who the card or gift is from.

a) public

b) secret

c) hidden

d) anonymous

4. In the evening couples might have a romantic ______ dinner.

a) candle-bright

b) candle-burning

c) candle-flame

d) candlelit

5. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a day when a woman can ______ to a man.

a) ask for marriage

b) proposition

c) propose

d) marry

6. What do we call a romantic meeting with someone for a meal or movie, for example?

a) a date

b) an interview

c) an appointment

d) a conference


1) a, 2) b, 3) d, 4) d, 5) c, 6) a.

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