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chinadaily.com.cn 2019-03-06 14:44

[Photo/Facebook Wanderlust Creamery]

>Candy flavored ice cream
White Rabbit, the iconic Chinese milk candy, is now a popular ice cream flavor in the US. Wanderlust Creamery, a Los Angeles-based ice cream shop started serving White Rabbit ice cream as a Chinese New Year special at the beginning of February. The ice cream is made with dissolved pieces of the iconic White Rabbit candy. With its intensely milky flavor, it encapsulates childhood reminiscence for many Asian Americans and has been selling out like crazy. Wanderlust Creamery has announced that it will keep it on the menu this month. However, the candy maker, Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food Co Ltd, said on Saturday that it has never granted rights to any person or company to produce White Rabbit ice cream, and it's investigating if the American ice cream shop is infringing its patents.
我国经典牛奶糖果大白兔如今在美国成为了一种颇受欢迎的冰淇淋口味。洛杉矶冰淇淋店Wanderlust Creamery于2月初推出大白兔冰淇淋作为春节特供。这款冰淇淋由经典的大白兔奶糖溶解制成,浓浓的奶味勾起了许多亚裔美国人的童年回忆,一经问世即成为爆款。Wanderlust Creamery宣布3月将继续制作这款冰淇淋。然而,大白兔奶糖制作商上海冠生园食品公司2日回应称,从未授权任何个人或企业生产大白兔冰淇淋,正在调查这家冰淇淋店是否有侵权行为。


Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Organizing Committee holds a orientation for the volunteers "Field Cast" in Tokyo, Japan.[Photo/IC]

>Smoking banned at venues
The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics announced that smoking will not be permitted at any venue during 2020 events, including heated tobacco products and other vaping devices. Smoking will be outlawed at all indoor and outdoor Olympic and Paralympic venues, including perimeter areas run by the Tokyo Games. The prohibition is tougher than regulations for the last two Summer Olympics in London and Rio de Janeiro. Organizers said the measures were adopted to "protect the health and safety of athletes, spectators and officials". While all sites with spectators will be completely smoke-free, sites without spectators such as the Athletes' Village are considered nonsmoking in principle but will allow smoking in designated areas.


American Airlines aircrafts are seen at O"Hare International Airport in Chicago.[Photo/IC]

>Airlines spy on passengers
Three of the world's biggest airlines have admitted some of their planes have cameras installed on the backs of passenger seats. American Airlines, United Airlines and Singapore Airlines have new seat-back entertainment systems that include cameras. They could also be on planes used by other carriers. A passenger on a Singapore flight tweeted a photograph last week of the seat-back display, prompting other air travelers to voice concerns about their privacy at 30,000 ft. Vitaly Kamluk, who photographed the camera on his flight, suggested that carriers should cover the lenses with stickers and said it would be easy for airlines to monitor passengers with them. Companies that make the entertainment systems are fitting them with cameras to offer passengers options such as seat-to-seat video conferencing, according to an American Airlines spokesman.



>Inactivity ages the brain
Driving for more than two hours a day negatively affects IQ levels, scientists have warned. In what might come as unwelcome news for middle-aged commuters, a recent study found that long periods behind the wheel could speed up the effects of age on the brain. The researchers said that the results could be explained by the fact that the mind is less active on long car journeys. Previous studies have found that long periods of inactivity have a detrimental affect on brainpower and research shows similar results for those who watched more than two hours of television a day.

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