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Raw milk 生鲜奶



Raw milk 生鲜奶


有关 “dairy products 奶制品” 的词汇


How much has the demand for raw milk increased in the past five years?


Like his father and grandfather before him, Johnny Crickmore is a dairy farmer. But trying to make money from milk these days has never been harder. So at the moment, around 40% of his production is focused on raw milk sold directly to the public.

就像他的父亲和祖父一样,约翰尼·克里克莫尔是一个奶农。但如今,靠牛奶赚钱的日子着实不易。所以目前克里克莫尔将 40% 的生产力集中在直接向公众出售生鲜奶

The milk we buy normally is pasteurised, heated to destroy any harmful bacteria it may contain. Producing raw milk means hygiene standards have to be high.


Jonny Crickmore, Dairy farmer
The thing you do is want to have a visual look at the milk. Make sure it's the right colour and there's nothing… no infection in the cow's quarter. Secondly you would use this surgery disinfectant. That goes on the cow's teat and then you go over it afterwards with this wood wool. And that will get the teat as clean as you could possibly get it before you put the unit on.

约翰尼·克里克莫尔 奶农

The past five years have seen an explosion in the demand for raw milk - a fivefold increase from around six hundred thousand litres in 2012 to more than three million last year. Now, the Food Standards Agency is undergoing a consultation looking at how the burgeoning industry should be controlled.

在过去五年里,生鲜奶的需求激增,从 2012 年的 60 万升增长到去年的 300 多万升,增长了五倍。目前,英国食品标准局正在就如何管控这个新兴产业进行商讨。

Dr Kevin Hargin, Food Standards Agency
Between 2015 and 2017, there were five outbreaks related to raw drinking milk and involving over 100 people and many of them were children as well. And we had quite a few hospitalisations from those outbreaks as well. So it is a risky product.

凯文·哈因博士 英国食品标准局
在 2015 至 2017 年间,英国发生了五起与生鲜奶有关的疫情,涉及 100 多人,其中许多是儿童。他们当中一些人还接受了住院治疗。所以这是一个有风险的产品。

Direct farm sales mean raw drinking milk is measured not in food miles but in food feet, but it being allowed to travel further afield to shops and larger retailers remains a fair distance away.

因为农场直接销售生奶,所以生牛奶不存在 “食物里程数” 的问题,但允许将生奶售往更远的商店和更大的零售商那里,尚需时日。


dairy farmer 奶农

raw milk 生鲜奶,生牛奶

pasteurised 经过巴氏灭菌法消毒的牛奶

teat (雌性哺乳动物的)乳头


In the past five years, the demand for raw milk has increased fivefold.



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