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小测验 — 英语中常见不可数名词的用法



英语中的名词分为 “可数名词 countable nouns” 和 “不可数名词 uncountable nouns” 两种。通常情况下,区分这两类名词是有规可循的 — 不可数名词大多是抽象的概念、不可论 “个” 的事物或集合名词等。比如:面包 bread、糖 sugar、电 electricity、爱 love,均不可数。做下面的八道题,考一考你对不可数名词用法的掌握。

1. The guidebook on Rome has ______ about the best places to eat, shop and stay.

a) informations

b) a few information

c) an information

d) some information

2. If you need ______ about your mortgage, we are always happy to help.

a) a bit of advices

b) advice

c) any advices

d) a few advice

3. There was a great atmosphere at the match on Saturday because ______ was very friendly.

a) the fans’ behaviour

b) the behaviours of the fans

c) the fans’ behaviourings

d) most behaviours of the fans

4. I always love having lunch at that restaurant because ______ is beautiful.

a) a furniture is

b) the furnitures

c) the pieces of furnitures

d) the furniture

5. When I was staying in Hong Kong on business ______ was first class.

a) the accommodations

b) an accommodations

c) the accommodation

d) a accommodation

6. I’m not sure we can help you sir, we don’t stock ______ you need.

a) a equipment

b) the equipment

c) the equipments

d) a piece of equipments

7. Scientists have carried out ______ into global warming and will present their results at the next conference.

a) a few researches

b) thorough researching

c) a research

d) extensive research

8. There is no space left on my USB stick for any ______. Can you put it on yours?

a) more data

b) more datas

c) six datas

d) datas


1) d, 2) b, 3) a, 4) d, 5) c, 6) b, 7) d, 8) a.

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