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小测验 — 英语反身代词的用法

当一个句子中的主语与宾语一致时,宾语则可以用反身代词。其中,第一人称和第二人称的反身代词是由形容词性物主代词 “my、your、our” 等加上 “-self” 或 “-selves” 组成的。比如:myself、yourself、yourselves、ourselves。第三人称的反身代词则由人称代词 “her、him、them” 等加上 “-self” 或 “-selves” 组成,比如 “herself、himself、themselves”。试做下面的《英语小测验》,测一测你对反身代词的理解是否到位。

1. John Malcolm is a very conscientious manager. He even cleans the office desks ______.

a) itself

b) by him

c) hisself

d) himself

2. The dog curled up on the chair and made ______ at home.

a) ourself

b) yourself

c) itself

d) themself

3. Jamaal and Remy have started a rock band and see ______ as the next Beatles!

a) themselves

b) themselfs

c) itselves

d) them

4. Don't blame ______ for losing the match. None of us played very well at all.

a) youself

b) yourself

c) yourselve

d) itself

5. The policemen looked at ______ and knew the woman was lying.

a) himself

b) themself

c) eachselves

d) each other

6. My mum loves singing to ______ in the shower!

a) herselve

b) herself

c) sheself

d) her

7. Let's get ______ a loan from the bank, then we can buy that dream house in the countryside.

a) ourselves

b) yourselves

c) ourself

d) yourself

8. I enjoy my own company, so I live by ______.

a) me

b) myselve

c) myself

d) meself


1) d, 2) c, 3) a, 4) b, 5) d, 6) b, 7) a, 8) c.

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