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chinadaily.com.cn 2019-08-05 13:33


>In-shirt air conditioner



Sony has a new device for anyone who's ever wished they could carry their air conditioner with them on sweltering summer days.

Called Reon Pocket, the small, lightweight gadget slides into the upper back pocket of a specially designed T-shirt.
这款名为Reon Pocket的超轻微型空调可以放进特别设计的T恤背部上方的口袋里。

Controlled with a smartphone app, it's capable of heating or cooling the wearer via the Peltier effect, a thermodynamic principle widely used in refrigeration.

According to a spokesperson, the target audience is mostly businessmen who have to wear a suit in the summer.

The device is not really for all-day use so much as moving between air-conditioned or heated areas, such as during the commute to work.

The battery takes around two hours to charge and lasts about 90 minutes.


>Rise of the super cockroach



Cockroaches are stepping up their defenses against the poisons designed to kill them. 

A new study has found that German cockroaches, the most common species of the insect in the world, are developing cross-resistance to numerous insecticides.

Not only were researchers in some cases unable to reduce cockroach numbers during a six-month study period, even when combining different insecticides, but they found the insects' resistance increased up to six-fold within one generation.

"Cockroaches developing resistance to multiple classes of insecticides at once will make controlling these pests almost impossible with chemicals alone," said Purdue University professor Michael Scharf.


>World's best student cities

Senate House, the centre of Cambridge University, Cambridge, Britain. [Photo/IC]


Beijing and Shanghai have been named among the world's top 40 cities in which to study, according to the latest edition of the QS Best Student Cities Ranking released on Wednesday.

Beijing ranks 32nd, and it is closely followed by Shanghai, which places 33rd. Nanjing and Wuhan is 99th and 105th globally.

The education consultancy firm QS said that they ranked the world's 120 top student cities according to the number and performance of their universities, the extent to which employers are actively hiring there, the city's affordability, the city's desirability and quality of life, and the diversity of a city's student body.

This year, London retains its status as the world's best student city. Tokyo remains second, while Melbourne holds onto third position.


>Human body has thermal limits

A child cools off in a water fountain in Brussels, Belgium, on July 25, 2019, as the temperature hits a new high of 40.6 degrees Celsius. Belgium has been placed on red alert for the first time in its history. [Photo/IC]


Extreme global temperatures are pushing the human body "close to thermal limits", according to a climate scientist.

When air temperature exceeds 35C, the body relies on sweating to keep core temperatures at a safe level.

However, when the "wet bulb" temperature - which reflects the ability of moisture to evaporate - reaches 35C, this system no longer works.

This means the human body cannot cool itself enough to survive more than a few hours.

Some areas–which are among the most densely populated on Earth–could pass this threshold by the end of the century, according to Loughborough University climate scientist Dr Tom Matthews.

With climate change starting to profoundly alter weather systems, rising temperatures could soon make parts of the world uninhabitable.

Dr Matthews wrote: "The challenges ahead are stark. Adaptation has its limits. We must therefore maintain our global perspective on heat and pursue a global response, slashing greenhouse gas emissions to keep to the Paris warming limits."


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