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Becoming a young farmer in the UK 在英国成为一名青年农民




Becoming a young farmer in the UK 在英国成为一名青年农民


和 “work(工作)” 有关的词汇


What job did Jessica Addy do before she got a job on a dairy farm?


Farming can be a tough business. Not just battling against the weather, but also working long hours and trading in a challenging market. But life in the open air, working with animals and growing food for a living, is a dream for many.


David and Becca are beef farmers in Cumbria (in the UK). Neither of them come from a farming background, and it was their initial lack of finance and farmland that were the biggest hurdles to overcome.


David Corrie-Close and Bekka Corrie-Close, The Horned Beef Company
We actually sat down with a bank a couple of times and...
They literally laughed at us, didn't they?
They just didn't get it. We were out there competing with people who'd been farming all their lives, people (who) had quite a lot of money and they could just go and borrow a bit more to take on more land or another farm.

大卫·科里-克罗塞         贝卡·科里-克罗塞         The Horned Beef Company 公司

So the pair got creative. They lived in yurt for years and even crowdfunded their cattle. All to get where they are today - running their own farm.


Their story is one of the more extreme examples of getting into agriculture.


The National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs says the industry's future depends not just on innovation, but also on more opportunities within bigger farm businesses.


Jessica Addy is 22. She traded a life pulling pints for a job on a dairy farm.


Jessica Addy, farm worker
It’s life-changing. I wouldn't ever change my life now. (I have) just so much motivation for the job and it's probably the best thing I've ever done.

杰西卡·阿迪            农场工人

And that's the message farmers are keen to promote – that the UK's farmland is not just pretty, but a perfect place to work.



tough business 困难的工作

hurdles 障碍

running 经营

traded a life 换了一份工作

life-changing 改变人生的


Her previous job was pulling pints – working in a pub.



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