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chinadaily.com.cn 2019-11-01 15:07

Sara, 26, and Joseph Stewart, 28, from Georgia, US, say their vows as they float inside a hot air balloon. [Photo/IC]

>Kindness is the No 1 quality
What do you look for in a partner?
Researchers from the University of Gottingen, have shined a light on what women really want by analyzing the answers of 68,000 people in 180 countries.
"Kindness" was the most important trait, with nearly 90% of women thinking it was a top priority.
Attractiveness was also important, but it came secondary to personality traits like "supportiveness" and "intelligence."
When asked about choosing a long-term mate, 46.1% of women of all sexual orientations said that a potential partner's desire to parent is very important.
"This is the human brain unconsciously prioritizing what matters, and noticing physical 'imperfections' less. Intrinsic goodness, and shared values, these are what drive real romance," said researchers.

The Moon Star shoes, pictured, show the heels depicting the tallest building in the world. [Photo/Getty Images]

>Most expensive high heels
With some 30 carats of diamonds, a solid-gold heel shaped as the tallest building in the world and a chunk of real meteorite, these shoes are the most expensive in the world. Unveiled in Dubai, the Moon Star shoes will cost a super-wealthy fashionista £15.7 million.
The heel is a model of Dubai's Burj Khalifa skyscraper, which stands at 163 storeys and more than 2,700 feet tall, while the meteorite was discovered in Argentina in 1576.
Their Italian designer Antonio Vietri is no stranger to creating out-of-the-ordinary offerings for the super-rich. Vietri said: "The word 'impossible' does not exist in my vocabulary."


>Zhejiang cuts homework burden
A draft regulation of Zhejiang province to allow students to quit working on their homework after a certain time in the evening has sparked heated debate on the internet.
The regulation stipulates that primary school students can refuse to do the homework after 9 pm and junior high school students after 10 pm, provided that their parents agree.
The regulation, part of a guideline released by the Education Department of Zhejiang on Monday, is aimed at cutting the academic workload on students.
The initiative ignited furious debate among Chinese netizens, especially parents.
While some applauded the measure, believing it would, to some extent, ease students' stress, many complained it will actually add more pressure on parents and children.
While no parents want to see their children yawning while overwhelmed with homework, many worry that if schools reduce homework assignments, make tests easier and downgrade the importance of scores, it is the parents who must provide their children with more extracurricular learning to help them stand out from their peers.
This is because the all-important national college entrance examination, or gaokao, is not going away anytime soon.

US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell holds a news conference following the Oct 29-30 Federal Open Market Committee meeting in Washington, US, on Oct 30, 2019. [Photo/Agencies]

>US Fed cuts interest rates
The Federal Reserve on Wednesday cut interest rates for the third time this year to help sustain US growth despite a slowdown in other parts of the world, but signaled there would be no further reductions unless the economy takes a turn for the worse.
"We believe that monetary policy is in a good place," Fed Chair Jerome Powell said after the US central bank announced its decision to cut its key overnight lending rate by a quarter of a percentage point to a target range of between 1.5% and 1.75%.
Powell ticked off an extensive list of reasons why he feels the economy is doing well, and likely to continue to do so under the current stance of monetary policy - from robust consumer spending, strengthening home sales, and asset prices he considered healthy but not to a level of excess.
The outlook for the US economy continues to be for "moderate" growth, a strong labor market and inflation rising back to the Fed's 2% annual goal, he said, and only "a material reassessment" of that outlook could drive the central bank to cut rates further from here.

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