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chinadaily.com.cn 2019-12-03 15:12

In February, the face of female actress Athena Chu (right) was replaced with the face of another star Yang Mi in a television series with aid of AI technology. [Photo/Sina Weibo]

>China bans 'deepfake' videos

Chinese regulators have announced new rules governing video and audio content online, including a ban on the publishing and distribution of "fake news" created with technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Online service providers or users producing, releasing or disseminating digitally-altered audio or video content based on new technologies like deep learning or virtual reality shall mark them as "not real" in a visible way, according to the regulation.

No one shall generate, release or disseminate fake news or information by using such technologies, the document said.

Earlier, a mobile application that enables users to appear as celebrities in hit movies or TV series has been widely accused of excessively collecting personal information, stirring public concerns over privacy and the rights to one's image.


Flowers and tributes to victims are seen on London Bridge in London, Britain Dec 2, 2019. [Photo/Agencies]

>London Bridge knife attack

British police on Friday shot dead a man wearing a fake suicide vest who stabbed two people to death on London Bridge and wounded three more before being wrestled to the ground by bystanders, in what the authorities called a terrorist attack.

British media reported that the attacker, 28-year-old Usman Khan, had previously been convicted of a terrorism-related offence and was released from prison about a year ago.

He attended a Cambridge University program called "Learning Together" earlier that day at Fishmonger's Hall.

Both victims who died in the attack were graduates from the Cambridge University and were involved in the Learning Together program.

The program was designed to bring graduate students together with prisoners to study criminology in an effort to reduce stigma and marginalization experienced by many inmates.


People walk through the King of Prussia mall, one of the largest retail malls in the US, on Black Friday, a day that kicks off the holiday shopping season, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, US, Nov 29, 2019. [Photo/Agencies]

>Great Black Friday swindle

Black Friday does not offer the bargains it claims, consumer experts warned.

Almost all of the "deals" promoted around the event last year were actually on offer for the same price or cheaper in the six months either before or after.

Remarkably, just one in 20 was actually the cheapest price on that date.

Consumer group Which? has told shoppers to be wary of what they describe as the "Great Black Friday Swindle" after analyzing dozens of offers from Amazon, John Lewis and Currys PC World. 消费者组织Which?在分析了亚马逊、约翰·刘易斯和Currys PC World提供的数十种优惠后,告诉消费者要警惕"黑五大骗局"。

Natalie Hitchins at Which? said: "We have repeatedly shown that 'deals' touted by retailers on Black Friday are not as good as they seem. Time-limited sales can be a good opportunity to bag a bargain, but don't fall for the pressure tactics around Black Friday. Our investigation indicates that this popular shopping event is all hype and there are few genuine discounts."


Anna Wintour [Photo/VCG]

>Call for sustainable fashion

Clothes should be cherished, re-worn and even passed on to the next generation, Anna Wintour, the influential editor of Vogue magazine said, calling for more sustainability in the fashion world and less of a throwaway culture.

In an interview with Reuters, Wintour, considered one of the most powerful people in fashion, also said the industry was "a little bit late in the game" in pursuing diversity and inclusivity and that, despite the meteoric rise of social media influencers, Vogue would remain a benchmark for fashionistas.

Many brands are trying to bolster their green credentials and entice young environmentally-savvy consumers as the sector comes under scrutiny for fuelling a throwaway culture.

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