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chinadaily.com.cn 2020-01-06 15:29

Japan Airlines (JAL) planes sit on the tarmac at New Chitose Airport in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan September 18, 2019. Picture taken September 18, 2019. [Photo/Agencies]

>Free plane tickets giveaway

Japan Airlines is giving away 50,000 free round-trip domestic air tickets to international tourists this summer - but there's a catch.

The giveaway aims to encourage tourists to see less visited parts of Japan, and perhaps take some of the strain off Tokyo between July 1 and Sept 30 this year as the capital hosts the Olympic Summer Games.

However to win free tickets, travelers must be registered outside of Japan with the flag carrier's Mileage Bank frequent flier program.

The airline will recommend four local destinations to choose from, flying out of Haneda airport in Tokyo, or Osaka's Itami and Kansai airports.

Family and friends traveling together can apply as a group of up to four people, and applicants will receive the result within three days of applying.


Photo by Elle Hughes on Unsplash

>Eating chilies is healthy

That delicious penne all'arrabiata may have benefits that go further than putting a smile on your face, according to a new study.

For many years, chili has been hailed for its therapeutic properties, and now researchers have found that eating chili peppers regularly can cut the risk of death from heart disease and stroke.

The positive effect of chili consumption could be attributed to how the peppers are used in an overall diet, according to Duane Mellor, a registered dietitian and senior teaching fellow at Aston Medical School in the UK.

"It is plausible people who use chillies, as the data suggests also used more herbs and spices, and as such likely to be eating more fresh foods including vegetables," he said. "So, although chillies can be a tasty addition to our recipes and meals, any direct effect is likely to be small and it is more likely that it makes eating other healthy foods more pleasurable."



>Cake looks like stuffed toy

From cute cats to cuddly bears, these adorable creations are actually delicious - and incredibly realistic - party cakes.

Stay-at-home mother Susanne Ng, 37, from Singapore, delights family, friends and more than 23,000 Instagram followers with her creative chiffon cakes, which take the shape of animals, fruit, and cartoon characters.

Not only are the colorful designs eye-catching, they are also healthier than traditional bakes.

Susanne said: "They are lower in sugar, being only around a quarter of the sugar content of normal cakes, contain no butter, and are also fluffy and easy for kids and the elderly to eat."

She started baking as a hobby and later decided to challenge herself with more ambitious designs.

"I feel the need for an outlet for my creative ideas, hence find great joy in making new creations with chiffon cakes," she said.


A fishing boat is anchored in the Yangtze River in Yichang, Hubei province, April 1, 2013. [Photo by Zhou Jianping/Asianewsphoto]

>Yangtze imposes fishing ban

China on Wednesday began a 10-year fishing ban on key areas of the Yangtze River to protect biodiversity in the country's longest river, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Starting from this year, the ban will be observed in 332 conservation areas in the Yangtze River basin, which will also be expanded to all natural waterways of the river and its major tributaries from no later than Jan 1, 2021.

Fishing will also be prohibited on natural waterways of large lakes connected to the Yangtze such as the Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake for 10 years starting from no later than Jan 1, 2021.

The 10-year ban is estimated to affect more than 113,000 fishing boats and nearly 280,000 fishermen in 10 provincial regions along the river.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has promised to provide social security services, financial support and vocational trainings for fishermen who have to find new ways of living.


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