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chinadaily.com.cn 2020-08-11 16:15


>Great Wall to offer night tours
A two-month-long Great Wall cultural festival opened in Beijing Saturday, which allows tourists to visit the Badaling section of the ancient wall on weekend nights.
Visitors can reserve night tours of the Badaling Great Wall every Friday and Saturday during the festival that will end on Oct 7, said Chen Mingjie, head of the Beijing municipal administration of cultural heritage, at a news conference held in Beijing Friday.
An evening gala of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a cultural fair on Chinese traditional costumes and online lectures including one about cultural heritage protection that is co-organized by Hadrian's Wall of Britain, are also scheduled during the festival, said Chen.
The Great Wall, with a total length of more than 20,000 km, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and consists of many interconnected walls.
Beijing has a total of 520 km of Great Wall sections within its territory, and the Badaling section is the most visited one.


A 3D-printed Twitter logo is placed in front of a displayed Tik Tok logo in this illustration picture taken Aug 9, 2020. [Photo/Agencies]

>Twitter to buy TikTok app?
Now Twitter has reportedly joined Microsoft in an effort - albeit a longshot one - to acquire another social media giant, TikTok.
Twitter is in talks to buy the wildly popular video-sharing app that US President Donald Trump has ordered to be sold because of its Chinese ownership, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has claimed that TikTok could send user data on its mostly young American user base to China's government, an allegation that TikTok has strenuously denied.
TikTok plans to sue the Trump administration, challenging the president's executive order banning the service, according to a report by National Public Radio.
It isn't clear what TikTok's US operations are worth, but estimates run into the tens of billions of dollars.
That has raised questions over how Twitter would finance such a deal - Twitter's market capitalization is about $29 billion, while Microsoft's exceeds $1.6 trillion.


>Mask-wearing to be mandatory
Masks will be compulsory for people aged 11 and over in crowded areas in Ile-de-France - Paris and its surrounding areas, starting from Monday morning, the prefecture announced on Saturday.
"All the indicators show that since mid-July the coronavirus is again circulating more actively in the region," stated the prefecture, adding that this order will remain in place for one month.
Many French cities have already imposed mask wearing in outdoor places.
Anyone who refuses to comply with the rule will pay a fine of 135 euros.
Those who violate it more than three times within one month would face six months in prison.

[Photo/China Daily]

>5M urban jobs created
A total of 5.64 million new jobs were created in China's urban areas in the first half of the year - 63% of the annual target - as the country experiences a steady recovery in its job market amid containment of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Zhang Jinan, who leads the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said on Saturday that the government will maintain policy support to boost recruitment demand, which has grown year-on-year since May.
The surveyed unemployment rate in urban areas hit 6.2% in February but dropped gradually in the second quarter and was 5.7% in June, he said.
The employment of laid-off workers, university graduates and migrant workers is a top priority in the government's efforts to stabilize the job market, and the government will roll out tailor-made measures to help them, Zhang said.

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