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chinadaily.com.cn 2020-10-20 16:22

Employees of Inspur Information work on a server production line of the company in Jinan, Shandong province. [Photo/Xinhua]

>China's GDP grows 4.9% in Q3
China's economy grew by 4.9 percent year-on-year in the third quarter of the year, versus 3.2 percent in the second one, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Monday.
The country's GDP growth reached 0.7 percent year-on-year over the first three quarters of this year, turning positive from negative 1.6 percent in the first half, the NBS said.
The Chinese economy posted a continuous recovery in the first nine months and achieved significant results in coordinating development with epidemic prevention, the bureau said in a statement.
The NBS, however, noted that external uncertainties and the risk of epidemic resurgence domestically remain. "The economy is still in the process of recovery, and the foundation for sustained recovery needs to be consolidated," the bureau said in a statement.

Students at Jingdian High School in Handan, Hebei province, participate in soccer drills in May. [Photo/Xinhua]

>Required PE scores to be raised
China will gradually increase required scores on the physical exercise test to the same level as those of Chinese, math and English on high school entrance exams to improve physical education in schools, a senior education official said on Friday. Wang Dengfeng, head of the Department of Physical, Health and Arts Education at the Ministry of Education, said Southwest China’s Yunnan province is the only provincial region in China to give PE classes the same weight as academic subjects on high school entrance exams, and other regions should gradually increase the weight of PE classes to match those of academic subjects.
The country also should immediately start research on including PE classes in the national college entrance exam, or gaokao, Wang said at a news conference.
All provincial regions also should gradually add tests of students' aesthetic abilities to the high school entrance exams by 2022 to strengthen aesthetic education, he said.


>Use of phones banned in driving
It will become illegal for anyone to pick up and use their mobile phone while driving, under new legislation to be enacted in UK next year.
The punishment for drivers caught breaking the rules on hand-held mobile use is six penalty points and a £200 fine.
Under the proposals an exception will be made for contactless payments if the vehicle is not moving, and the goods or services are delivered immediately, such as at a drive-through takeaway.
Making calls or texting on a hand-held mobile while driving is already illegal. The change will end a loophole that can allow drivers to escape punishment for using a hand-held phone to take a photo or play a game.


>A380 turned into eateries
With flights largely grounded by the coronavirus pandemic, Singapore Airlines is trying novel ways to raise money, including using two of the superjumbos parked at Changi Airport as temporary eateries.
Singapore Airlines said all seats on its Airbus SE A380 jetliner pop-up restaurants were reserved within 30 minutes of bookings opening on Oct 12.
新航表示,10月12日开放空客SE A380客机临时餐厅座位预订后,餐位在30分钟内被一抢而空。
A meal in a suite costs S$642, while seats in business class are going for S$321, dropping to S$96.30 for premium economy and S$53.50 for economy.
Customers also can pay with frequent-flyer miles.
After lunch on Oct 24 and 25 sold out, Singapore Airlines said it will extend the offer for a further two days the following weekend and also add a dinner option on all four days.

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