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Polar bear moves house! 北极熊搬家



Polar bear moves house! 北极熊搬家


有关 “animal conservation(动物保护)” 的词汇


What’s the polar bear’s name?


Hamish has lived his life in the spotlight. He first captured hearts in 2017 when he became the first polar bear cub to be born in the UK in 25 years.


His name was chosen through a public vote.


Now, not so little, at two-and-a-half years old, he's finally moved from the Scottish Highlands to his new home in Doncaster [in England] after years of practising for the trip - a seven-hour journey by road.


Keith Gilchrist, Animal Collection Manager, Highland Wildlife Park
He has been trained to enter his travel crate for the past year – probably more – which is a very slow process – tiny little baby steps.

基思·吉尔克里斯特     高地野生动物公园动物管理部经理

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland had always planned to move Hamish to another zoo, once he was between two and three years old. That's the age a cub typically leaves its mother in the wild.

苏格兰皇家动物学会(The Royal Zoological Society)一直计划在哈米什两到三岁的时候把他送到另一个动物园去。这是在野外幼崽通常离开母亲的年龄段。

Conservationists estimate there are less than 35,000 polar bears left worldwide. Keepers at the Highland Wildlife Park are hopeful that his departure will give parents Victoria and Arktos the space they need to bring more cubs into the world.


Keith Gilchrist, Animal Collection Manager, Highland Wildlife Park
Later this year, or early next year, we do hope to pair Victoria with Arktos again, and we'll keep our fingers crossed for Hamish 2!

基思·吉尔克里斯特     高地野生动物公园动物管理部经理

Now he's settling into his new surroundings where he's enjoying his favourite treats - hotdogs, salmon and cod liver oil.

现在哈米什正在适应新家的环境,享用他最爱吃的美食 —— 热狗、三文鱼和鱼肝油。


captured hearts 俘获了人们的心

baby steps 向成功迈进的小步

bring into the world 把…带到这个世界上,生育

fingers crossed 但愿,祈求好运

settling into 安顿下来,适应新环境


His name is Hamish.



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