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chinadaily.com.cn 2021-03-18 16:20


>New law to curb academic misconduct

China is considering a new law to regulate awarding academic diplomas to guard against plagiarism, cheating, and other academic misconduct.

Institutions of higher education that award degrees can deprive a student of a degree if the applicant is involved in academic misconduct, forgery, and other violations during his or her academic years, according to a draft law that has been released to solicit public opinion by the Ministry of Education.

Those holding degrees shall have their degrees revoked if they are found to have committed academic misconduct, including plagiarism, forgery, and data fraud in their dissertations or practical achievements, the draft said.

Academic integrity has received wide attention as some academic scandals were exposed to the public.


>23 illegal social organizations removed

China removed a total of 23 illegal social organizations in the first two months of 2021, according to sources with the Ministry of Civil Affairs on Tuesday.

Under related laws and regulations, all social organizations in China should lawfully register under the ministry before starting their operations, said the ministry's social organization management bureau.

To warn the public against the risk of being tricked into scams, the ministry released the first list of 10 illegal social organizations in February. It encouraged the public to report any evidence or leads related to illegal social organizations.

The ministry will enhance the monitoring, investigation and crackdown on illegal social organizations, said an official with the ministry's social organization management bureau.

Credit: Disney

>Avatar re-releases in China

Blockbuster movie Avatar has retaken the highest-grossing film of all time spot thanks to its re-release in China.

The sci-fi epic debuted in 2009 and held the global box office title for a decade until it was overtaken by Marvel's Avengers: Endgame in 2019.

Following its re-release in the world's biggest movie-watching market of China, worldwide total sales pushed it above the $2.8billion mark on the weekend.

China has been the top-performing film market since pandemic lockdowns.

Director James Cameron's Avatar took in about $4m on Friday alone which pushed it ahead of Endgame, according to distributor Walt Disney.

James Cameron is currently working on four sequels to Avatar.

The next film, which has been delayed several times, is scheduled for release in December 2022.

A man wears a protective mask amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in front of the giant Olympic rings in Tokyo, Japan, January 13, 2021. [Photo/Agencies]

>Japan to limit size of delegations

Japan is considering limiting the number of people who will be allowed to accompany foreign ministers and leaders for the delayed Tokyo Olympics due to health concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Kyodo News agency reported on Sunday.

Kyodo said the Japanese government will restrict accompanying staff to 11 people per head of state, while cabinet-level delegations will be limited to five people, the report said.

The Tokyo Games, postponed last year due to concerns over the spread of the novel coronavirus, were rescheduled for July 23 to Aug 8 this year.

Kyodo said VIP guests will be asked to undergo COVID-19 testing within 72 hours of traveling to Japan and will be re-tested on arrival.

Earlier, Kyodo News agency reported that Japan has decided to stage this summer's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics without overseas spectators, citing officials with knowledge of the matter.

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