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chinadaily.com.cn 2021-04-21 17:30

Photo taken on Nov 26, 2020 shows a 5G-themed exhibition held during the World 5G Convention in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong province. [Photo/Xinhua]

>China building largest 5G network

China has made initial achievements in building the world's largest 5G mobile network, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) said Monday. The country has built a total of 792,000 5G base stations as of the end of February, with the number of mobile terminals connected to the network reaching 260 million, vice minister Liu Liehong, said at a news conference.

China's mobile network speed ranks fourth among 139 countries and regions, Liu said, citing data from an international speed measuring agency.

China aims to build more than 600,000 5G base stations in 2021. The ministry will shift its focus from network "coverage and popularization" to "improvement of speed and quality". It also plans to build a "double gigabit" network infrastructure covering urban areas and towns where conditions are satisfied in three years, and promote the on-demand construction and deep coverage of 5G networks in an orderly manner, according to the MIIT.

Image taken by cameras aboard NASA's Perseverance rover on Mars, April 5, 2021 shows Mars helicopter Ingenuity. [Photo/Xinhua]

>Mars helicopter takes flight

NASA launched its Mars helicopter Ingenuity from the surface of the Red Planet on Monday, marking the first powered, controlled flight of an aircraft on another planet.

The solar-powered helicopter first became airborne at 3:34 am Eastern Time, a time the Ingenuity team determined would have optimal energy and flight conditions.

The Ingenuity team confirmed the flight succeeded after receiving data from the helicopter via NASA's Perseverance Mars rover at 6:46 am ET.

Altimeter data indicates Ingenuity climbed to its prescribed maximum altitude of three meters and maintained a stable hover for 30 seconds, according to NASA.

It then descended, touching back down on the surface of Mars after logging a total of 39.1 seconds of flight.

The University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. [Photo/China Daily]

>Doctoral thesis inspires

Recently, an acknowledgements section from a doctoral thesis has gone viral.

The author reviewed his bumpy, challenging road to reach this point, which touched a large number of netizens.

"I have come a long way and endured a great deal of hardships to present this dissertation before you," the author, Huang Guoping, wrote at the beginning of his thesis for the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In the thesis, he mentioned he was born in a mountainous area and his mother left home at 12. His father died in a traffic accident when he was 17.

After going from a middle school in a remote mountainous area to Southwest University in Chongqing, and finally pursuing his doctoral degree in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he said "he couldn't remember how many times he had felt overwhelmed by the burdens of life." "But my belief was simple. I wanted to keep studying, get out of the mountainous area, and prove I haven't lived in vain."

At the end of the acknowledgement, Huang expressed his wishes. "I hope I can keep a young heart after years of fighting, I hope I have the chance to rediscover the world and live up to what I have suffered in my life. And I would feel it was all worthwhile if I could do something to make someone else's life better."


>Stay-at-home fathers hit new high

A total of 13,000 South Korean men outside the labor force were in charge of child care last month, up 6,000 from a year earlier according to data from the Korean Statistical Information Service. It was the largest number since data tracking began in 1999.

The year-on-year increase was also the biggest since March 2018.

Those in their 30s and 40s accounted for 74.5% of stay-at-home dads. Men aged 60 and older took up nearly 18%.

In contrast, the number of South Korean stay-at-home mothers came to 1.112 million last month, down 93,000 from a year earlier. From 10 years earlier, last month's tally was down 373,000.

Amid a rise in the number of men in child care, more male workers in Asia's fourth-largest economy took paternity leave last year.

According to data from the labor ministry, nearly 27,400 private-sector male workers took child care leave last year, up 23% from the previous year.

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