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chinadaily.com.cn 2021-10-08 17:16


>World's first genome-edited tomato

Sicilian Rouge High GABA is a special type of tomato designed to contain high levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), an amino acid believed to aid relaxation and help lower blood pressure. "

Tokyo-based startup Sanatech Seed Co teamed up with scientists at the University of Tsukuba to develop a new variety of tomato using CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technology.
总部在东京的初创企业Sanatech Seed和筑波大学的科学家用CRISPR/Cas9基因编辑技术联合研发出了这种新型西红柿。

This new type of tomato contains five to six times the normal level of a type of amino acid called gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA.

Unlike genetically modified foods, genome-edited plant varieties are considered just as safe as varieties improved using conventional methods because no outside gene is introduced during the process.

Sanatech Seed has already started accepting online orders for Sicilian Rouge High GABA tomatoes.
Sanatech Seed公司已经开始接收订购"高伽马氨基丁酸西西里胭脂"西红柿的线上订单。

A 3-kilogram box of tomatoes will reportedly cost 7,500 yen.




>What your diet means for your hairline

A new study from researchers at the Toyko Medical and Dental University in Japan has now found having a fat-heavy diet can accelerate hair loss.

In the study carried out by TMDU's department of stem cell biology, mice that had been given a high-fat diet were more susceptible to inflammatory responses in the body which, in turn, blocked follicle regeneration, leading to hair loss.

What was surprising was that the deterioration in the hair follicles could happen in as little as four days spent on a high-fat diet and that the problem seemed to be worse in older mice.

It's not just the fat content of your food that can play havoc with your hair as what you consume can really affect how your hair grows and even whether men will keep it, as consultant dermatologist Dr Alia Ahmed explains.

Nutritional deficiencies are often the root cause of many hair problems, adds Dr Ahmed. "Iron, zinc, niacin, folic acid, biotin, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E – there are so many nutrients implicated in hair disorders," she says. "It's not just genetics."


Bronze turkeys are seen at turkey farmer Paul Kelly's farm in Chelmsford, Britain, September 21, 2021. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls


>Turkey could be off the Christmas menu

The meat industry in the United Kingdom could face a turkey supply crisis this Christmas because of a shortage of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) caused by soaring natural gas prices.

UK's leading turkey farmer Paul Kelly told Reuters that CO2 was used in the slaughter process and more importantly to keep the product fresh.

"Carbon dioxide is used to extend shelf life, so when you put a turkey in a bag, you suck the air out and you blow carbon dioxide in and that stops the bugs growing," he said.

Natural gas prices in Europe are up 280% this year, which could disrupt industries and affect consumption.



>Sleep calculator helps you sleep well

A good night's sleep is important and if you want to get the most out of your bedtime ritual then it's key that you go to bed and get up at the right time.

The sleep calculator, made by the team at home interiors specialist Hillarys, can work out the time you need to go to bed to make sure you wake up with the spring in your step.

The clever sleep calculator works out what time you need to go to bed just by the time you need to get up combined with information on the body's natural sleep pattern - which works in 90 minute cycles.

Being woken by an alarm during one of the 90-minute cycles is often what makes people feel groggy in the morning – making it seem harder to get up out of bed.

Tara Hall, a spokesperson for Hillarys, said: “Getting a good night's sleep is about more than simply going to bed early - it's about waking up at the right time, too. Using a formula based on the body's natural rhythms, the Sleep Calculator will work out the best time for you to rise or go to sleep.”


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