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Denmark’s green hydrogen 丹麦的绿色氢气




Denmark’s green hydrogen 丹麦的绿色氢气


有关 “energy(能源)” 的词汇


What is used to produce green hydrogen?


These giants of renewable energy tower over the Danish countryside. Here in Brande, a pioneering project offers what might be a glimpse of the future.


Adrienne Murray, BBC correspondent
This enormous turbine is harnessing energy from the wind – and that power is being used to produce another type of clean fuel – hydrogen gas.

艾德丽安·穆雷       BBC通讯员

The pilot plant isn’t connected to the grid. And the green hydrogen made here supplies local taxis.


Poul Skjaerbaek, Chief Innovation Officer, Siemens Gamesa
We can produce a maximum, like, eight kilos per hour with the equipment you see behind me here. So, it’s, of course, extremely small. Nevertheless, eight kilos is actually what a car could drive, like, eight hundred kilometres on.

保罗·斯基尔别克       西门子歌美飒(Gamesa)首席创新官

The need to slash our carbon emissions has brought hydrogen increasingly into focus.


Poul Skjaerbaek, Chief Innovation Officer, Siemens Gamesa
The good thing with hydrogen, when you burn it, you actually do not get the CO2 emissions, so what comes out of the exhaust is water, instead of all the nasty stuff we see today.

保罗·斯基尔别克       西门子歌美飒(Gamesa)首席创新官

Today, most hydrogen, about 95%, is made using fossil fuels. Green hydrogen, however, is produced from water and renewable electricity. This facility in Kolding makes electrolysers – the technology needed to produce it.


Hydrogen has been touted as a climate solution before – but it hasn’t really taken off. Proponents say it’s a different picture today.


Sebastian Koks Andreassen, CEO, Green Hydrogen Systems
The difference is climate – the need to react rapidly on the climate change. Renewable electricity sources, they have become available in a much different volume than before and in the past – and they have also become much cheaper.

塞巴斯蒂安·科克斯·安德里森       绿色氢系统首席执行官

Dozens of new green hydrogen plants are now on the horizon. But much needs to be done if the hopes for this new clean fuel can live up to the hype.



renewable 可再生的

clean fuel 清洁燃料

plant 工厂

grid 电网

fossil fuels 化石燃料


Green hydrogen is produced from water and renewable electricity.



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