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Queen's Christmas pantomime costumes displayed 英国女王圣诞童话剧服装展出



Queen's Christmas pantomime costumes displayed 英国女王圣诞童话剧服装展出


有关 “royalty(王室)” 的词汇


Which room in Windsor Castle were the pantomimes staged in?


Windsor Castle is Christmas ready.


Its trees are decorated. Its grand state rooms dressed. And this year the castle is taking visitors back 80 years, to the days when a pair of teenage girls who lived here tried to lift spirits during the Christmases of the Second World War.


Princess Elizabeth, as she was then, and her sister Princess Margaret, created an annual royal pantomime.


For the first time some of their costumes have come out of the archive and are on display.


The two princesses were always the star performers. The shows were staged in this room – the Waterloo Chamber. The audience was castle staff, the local school, troops and the King and Queen. Money from tickets sold was used to make blankets for soldiers on the front line.

两位公主一直都是明星表演者。演出是在这个名为 “滑铁卢厅” 的房间里举行的。观众包括城堡工作人员、当地学校、军队以及国王和王后。卖票所获的收益被用来给前线士兵做毯子。

Daniella Ralph, BBC correspondent
I know they were here in the grand surroundings of Windsor Castle, but here there is something quite ordinary about putting on a show for your family and your friends.

丹妮艾拉·拉尔夫       BBC通讯员

Caroline de Guitaut, curator, Royal Collection Trust
Yes, ordinary up to a point. I mean, they were supported by sound technicians that came specially from the BBC, you know, special set designers, but that was very much blended with that kind of homemade element too. So, whilst the performances were, you know, looked very grand and very beautiful, there was very much a kind of homegrown spirit to it all.

卡罗兰·德·吉托特       皇家收藏信托基金会策展人
“是的,确实挺接地气的。虽然有专门从 BBC 过来帮忙的音响技术人员,还有专门的布景设计师,但还是融入了特有的家庭自导自演元素。所以,虽然表演看起来非常精美华丽,但依然是洋溢着一种家庭气息。”

The pantos also showed the strong sibling bond. Onstage in costume, Elizabeth and Margaret were a formidable partnership. And privately, these royal sisters were a vital support for one another.


They were often away from their parents – having moved out of London during the war.


As the Queen heads into her 70th year on the throne, the panto display is a reminder of Christmases here at the castle during a unique time in her life – before she had taken on the responsibilities of monarch.


It is a snapshot of a royal childhood – of how Christmas at the castle, tried to bring some festive cheer to the dark days of war.



state rooms 谒见厅,会客厅

royal 王室的

princesses 公主

on the throne (君主)在位

monarch 君主


The shows were staged in the Waterloo Chamber.



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