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Restoring Scotland's saltmarsh 修复苏格兰盐沼



Restoring Scotland's saltmarsh 修复苏格兰盐沼


有关 “change(变化)” 的词汇


Which three species of animals can be seen in the saltmarsh?


Digging into a changing environment.


In an area that's surrounded by Scotland's coal mining past and its industrial present, there's a transformation happening beneath our feet.


Just three years ago this area was re-engineered to bring the coastal wetland back to its natural state.


Allison Leonard, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
You breach the coastal defences and let the water back in. But within a year or two we were seeing saltmarsh plants reappear. And we're now three years down the line and it's the salt… you know, it's all saltmarsh. And at that point we kind of just stepped back and let nature do its thing, and we're really seeing the wildlife respond. So birds are using it at high tide, we see lots of deer, hares in the spring.

艾丽森·莱纳德       英国皇家鸟类保护协会

As well as a diverse wetland habitat, this marsh has become a natural tool in our fight to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.


Marshland plants absorb one of those key planet-warming gases, carbon dioxide, which then becomes buried in the mud.


Lucy Miller, Research technician, University of St Andrews
This is some of the most organic-rich soils we find in the… in the UK, compared to agricultural land, forest, forestry land. So we… we'll wrap this up in cling film and then… just to keep it, hold its shape and then we take it back to the University of St Andrews, we have a laboratory there. We will just perform a couple of experiments using a couple of different machines, different equipment, just to, kind of, measure the different layers, different levels of carbon within the layers of the core here.

露西·米勒       英国圣安德鲁斯大学研究技术员

Allowing the sea to reclaim this stretch of land has provided a glimpse of how we can help nature to help us tackle the climate crisis.



transformation 转变,变革

re-engineered 被重新设计

bring (something) back 带回,恢复

reappear 重新出现


Birds are using the saltmarsh at high tide. Lots of deer and hares can be seen in the spring.



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