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chinadaily.com.cn 2022-06-02 14:01


>China unveils policies to support economy

Photo taken on April 21, 2022 shows a truck assembly line at a production base of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd. in Hefei, East China's Anhui province. [Photo/Xinhua]

China's State Council issued a circular on Tuesday urging the implementation of a package of detailed policy measures to further stabilize the economy.

The package includes 33 measures covering policies on investment, consumption, food and energy security, as well as industrial and supply chains.

The country will reduce real borrowing costs, boost financing efficiency via capital markets and strengthen financial support for infrastructure and major projects.

On investment and consumption, China will boost investment in transport infrastructure, promote the healthy development of the platform economy and stimulate purchases of cars and home appliances.

>China issues guideline on disinfection

Medical worker disinfects a classroom in Putuo district, East China's Shanghai, on May 27, 2022. [Photo/Xinhua]

Chinese health authorities on Tuesday issued a set of disinfection procedures, banning any "simplistic or unmannerly" conduct by disinfectant workers while spraying the homes of the infected.

Great attention should be paid to disinfection as the fight against COVID-19 continues, according to a circular issued by the State Council COVID-19 response inter-agency task force.

Local health authorities should give explanations for the necessity of disinfection measures and must respond to public concerns.


>China cuts taxes to boost auto sales

Visitors look at a car on display during an industry expo in Changde, Hunan province. [Photo/Xinhua]

China will halve the purchase tax for eligible passenger vehicles and ease restrictions to spur auto sales and underpin consumption, authorities said.

The country will slash the purchase tax by half for passenger cars under 300,000 yuan with engine displacement within 2 liters purchased between June 1 and Dec 31, according to a notice jointly released by the Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Administration on Tuesday.

Noting bolstering auto sales is of great significance toward consumption recovery and the auto industry, Vice Minister of Commerce Sheng Qiuping said the country will further promote new energy vehicles, especially in rural areas.


>Mega hydropower station goes half-operational

An aerial photo taken on June 27, 2021 shows the dam of Baihetan hydropower station in Southwest China. Baihetan hydropower station, the world's second largest in terms of total installed capacity, was officially put into use in Southwest China, with two generating units in operation, on June 28. [Photo/Xinhua]

Half of the power-generating units in Southwest China’s Baihetan hydropower station have gone operational after the eighth power-generating unit, No.5, passed a 72-hour trial operation Monday.

The mega project has a total of 16 power-generating units, with a total installed capacity of 16 million kilowatts.

Once fully operational, the hydropower station will generate an average of more than 62.4 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity every year, sufficient for the annual electricity consumption of approximately 75 million people.


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