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chinadaily.com.cn 2022-09-05 17:29


> US life expectancy plunged again in 2021

People walk on Times Square in New York, the United States, Nov 23, 2021. [PhotoXinhua]

Life expectancy fell in the United States in 2021 for the second year in a row to its lowest level since 1996, driven by COVID-19 deaths, according to provisional government data published on Wednesday.


The nearly one-year decline from 2020, to 76.1 years, marked the largest two-year drop in life expectancy at birth in close to a century, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found.


Disparity in life expectancy between men and women also widened last year to the highest in over two decades, with men now expected to live 73.2 years, nearly six fewer years than women.


COVID-19 was associated with more than 460,000 US deaths in 2021, contributing to half of the overall decline in life expectancy last year, with drug overdoses and heart disease also major contributors, the data showed.

> Miss England finalist becomes first in pageant's history to compete without makeup



A Miss England finalist has become the first ever beauty queen to compete without wearing any makeup in the pageant's nearly century-long history.


Melisa Raouf, a 20-year-old college student from south London, moved forward at the pageant's semifinals on Monday after opting for a barefaced look.


"It means a lot to me as I feel many girls of different ages wear makeup because they feel pressured to do so," Raouf said. "If one is happy in their own skin, we should not be made to cover up our face with makeup. Our flaws make us who we are, and that's what makes every individual unique," she added.
拉乌夫称:“素颜参赛对我意义重大,因为我认为许多不同年龄段的女孩化妆都是迫于压力。”” “如果一个人觉得素颜很舒服,就不应该被迫化妆。我们的缺陷使我们成为我们自己,这也让每个人都独一无二。”


According to organizers, Raouf plans to go bare-faced again at the national final in October.

> ‘Zombie ice’ from Greenland will raise sea level 10 inches


Zombie ice from the massive Greenland ice sheet will eventually raise global sea levels by at least 10 inches (27 centimeters) on its own, according to a study released Monday.


Zombie or doomed ice is ice that is still attached to thicker areas of ice, but is no longer getting fed by those larger glaciers.


That’s because the parent glaciers are getting less replenishing snow. Meanwhile, the doomed ice is melting from climate change, said study co-author William Colgan, a glaciologist at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland.


“It’s dead ice. It’s just going to melt and disappear from the ice sheet,” Colgan said in an interview. “This ice has been consigned to the ocean, regardless of what climate (emissions) scenario we take now.”

> US appeals to farmers to plant two crops instead of one
美国呼吁农民尝试两熟种植制度 应对潜在的食物短缺危机


The US Department of Agriculture this summer has encouraged American farmers to grow one crop after the other on one piece of land to combat a potential food shortage.


Wheat prices have almost doubled, and exports have been restricted since the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, two of the world's biggest wheat exporters. Global food supplies have been severely affected.


USDA is now pushing double-cropping, hoping to reduce reliance on Russian and Ukrainian wheat and also to boost the incomes of US farmers while fertilizer and fuel costs are soaring.


Double-cropping often requires years of learning, and risks of reduced production due to rain and heat mismatch and soil moisture restrictions, making the prospects uncertain.

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