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动词 appreciate 的四个用法



动词 “appreciate” 有多个含义。在表示 “重视”、“感谢” 或 “完全理解” 时,“appreciate” 是及物动词;在表示 “涨价,增值” 时,“appreciate” 是不及物动词。看视频中主持人 Roy 讲解这个多义词的四个常见用法。


1 及物动词 “appreciate” 表示 “重视,赏识,欣赏(人或事)”,认为此人或事很重要或很特别。在表达这个含义时,“appreciate” 后加人名或事物名称。

I appreciate Luciana. She's amazing.

I really appreciate art. It enriches my life.

2 及物动词 “appreciate” 表示 “感谢,感激他人所做的事情”。

I really appreciate you organising the party.

Could you please talk to her for me? I'd appreciate it. 

3 不及物动词 “appreciate” 表示 “涨价,增值”。

The value of my investment appreciated by 20% over the last five years.

It is predicted that home prices in the area will continue to appreciate in the coming years.

4 及物动词 “appreciate” 表示 “完全理解,意识到情况的重要性”。

I don't think you appreciate how serious the situation is.

We appreciate that you are unhappy with the product. However, we still need you to return it before we can process your refund.

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