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单词 through 的四个常见用法



单词 “through” 既可以指 “穿过地点和实体空间”,也可以指 “自始至终”。作形容词时, “through” 的意思是什么?花一分钟时间,跟主持人 Sam 学习 “through” 的四个常见用法。


1 “Through” 可以用来表示 “穿越,穿过地点或实体空间”。

We pushed through the crowd to get to the front.

Walk through the park and you'll see the cafe.

2 “Through” 可以用来表示 “从始至终,一直”。

We sang and danced through the whole concert.

I can't believe I sat through yesterday's football match. It was so boring and no one scored!

3 “Through” 可以用来表示 “利用,通过”,意思类似于 “using”。

We were lucky to get last-minute tickets through a friend.

You can place your order through our new app.

4 “Through” 作形容词用,意思是 “完成的,结束的”。

We were exhausted but happy when the concert was through.

We are through with this lesson.

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