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如何使用单词 complete



“Complete” 既可以作动词也可以作形容词用。动词 “complete” 的意思是 “使完整,填写(表格、文件等)”。形容词 “complete” 可以表示 “全部的”、“完美无缺的”,还可以用来起强调作用,表示 “彻底的”。看视频,学习 “complete” 的用法。


1 “Complete” 作动词时的意思是 “使完整,使完全”,或 “填写(表格、文件等)”。

This last piece completes the jigsaw puzzle!

Complete this form to apply for a new library card.

2 “Complete” 作形容词时,可以表示 “全部的,完整的”。

I own the complete works of William Shakespeare.

The mechanic said the work on the car will be complete in a couple of hours.

3 形容词 “complete” 还可以描述事物是 “完整的,完美无缺的”。

When our daughter was born, our family felt complete.

She said receiving this Life Achievement Award has made her career complete

4 形容词 “complete” 还有 “彻底的,完全的” 意思,起强调作用。

The children have made a complete mess – there's paint everywhere!

He felt like a complete fool when he mispronounced his colleague's name.

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