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The man spending millions trying to reverse ageing 美国企业家花数百万美元试图 “逆衰老”




The man spending millions trying to reverse ageing 美国企业家花数百万美元试图 “逆衰老”


Bryan Johnson
"Biologically, I am a few hundred ages. My left ear is 64, my fitness test they say I'm 18. My heart is 37, my diaphragm strength is 18."


Tech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson spends millions of dollars a year trying to reverse his biological age. That's the age he seems, not the number of years he's been alive.


Bryan Johnson
"I playfully say I'm trying to become like an 18-year-old. My son is 17, and so I always tease him and say: 'When I grow younger, I want to be like you.' If we slowed the speed of ageing, and even reversed it, it would change what it means to be human."

“我开玩笑地说,我正在试着变回18岁。我儿子今年17岁,所以我总是逗他说:‘等我返老还童了,我想变得和你一样。’ 如果我们能减缓衰老的速度,甚至逆转衰老的过程,这将改变我们对人类的定义。”

A team of 30 doctors and scientists treat and assess him.


Bryan Johnson
"Every night, I was getting up one time per night to go to the bathroom. But when I did so, it produced less quality sleep. So, we got this machine to trial could we strengthen my pelvic floor and my bladder, so that I wouldn't get up at night to go to the bathroom. It’s been successful."


Lara Lewington, BBC Click
"Oh, it's like pins and needles. It’s sort of tickling, but tickling in a quite hard, aggressive way."

劳拉·利文顿     BBC Click

Bryan Johnson
"We've made about 22 years of progress in reversing the age of my skin. It takes all these images of your face, and you get about 10 reports on pore size, UV spots, reds, browns. I have significant hearing damage and we're doing some root rejuvenation technologies trying to get my hearing back. Really hard going. It is a game now. It is so much fun to see what progress can be made from one measurement to another."




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