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单词 concern 怎么用?



“Concern” 作动词时最常见的意思是 “使担心,使忧虑”;名词 “concern” 的意思是 “担忧,忧虑”;动词 “concern” 还有 “与…相关” 和 “(文章、影视作品等)涉及…” 的意思。看视频,听主持人 Beth 讲解如何使用 “concern”。


1. 动词 “concern” 最常见的意思是 “使担心,使忧虑”。

Climate change is an issue that concerns many people.

It concerns me that my grandad hasn't called back yet.

2. 名词 “concern” 可以的意思 “担忧,忧虑,关心的事情”。这个用法较正式。

Concern for the missing woman is growing.

Pollution in the city is a concern for many residents.

3. 动词 “concern” 还可以用来表示 “对…很重要,与…相关”。

What we talked about doesn't concern you. It was a private conversation.

This matter concerns the finance department and the marketing team. We'll have a meeting together.

4. 在谈及影视作品、书籍和文章时,动词 “concern” 表示 “(电影、书籍和文章)涉及...,是关于...的”。这个用法较正式。

The book concerns two lovers who live in different countries.

This documentary concerns the wild animals that are facing extinction. 

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