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Cats have nearly 300 facial expressions, study says 研究称猫有近300种面部表情



Cats have nearly 300 facial expressions, study says 研究称猫有近300种面部表情


Did you know cats have nearly 300 facial expressions? Meowser! What?!


And they also have some expressions in common with us humans, which they may have picked up from their 10,000 year history living with us.


Researchers in the US have been investigating the different types of facial expressions cats used to communicate with each other by filming them. The team recorded 276 unique different facial expressions from the cats they studied. By comparison, chimpanzees have about 357 different facial expressions.


Each of the cats' expressions are made up of a mix of 4 out of 26 unique facial movements. Things like: open mouths, wide or small pupils, blinks, nose licks, whisker movements and ear positions. Of the recorded facial expressions, around 45% were thought to be friendly and 37% were more aggressive or angry. The leftover 18%? An unclear mixture.


Researchers hope these findings could help pet owners and animal shelters to care for and understand cats better.


Have you ever wondered what your cat's facial expression means?


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