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Botswana's female polers changing gender stereotypes博茨瓦纳女性撑篙手改变性别刻板印象


Botswana's female polers changing gender stereotypes 博茨瓦纳女性撑篙手改变性别刻板印象


Cindy Mothogaathobogwe, Mokoro boat poler
"People used to believe that there are men's jobs and women's jobs. But now, things are changing. Slowly, slowly women are getting into the industry or into the jobs which people think are for men."

辛迪·莫图哈艾托波哈维     莫科罗船撑篙手

Cindy is a Mokoro boat poler on Botswana's Okavango Delta.


Originally used a mode of transport by locals, Mokoro boats are now used as a regional tourist attraction.


Cindy Mothogaathobogwe, Mokoro boat poler
"I started learning how to pole on the Mokoro at the age of 12 because I grew up in a village whereby it was our source of transport. At first, I was nervous. At first, I was thinking: 'What would people say? No, this is a man's job.' Then something [came] into my mind that, no, I need to make a change. And I need to set an example to every woman to show that everything is possible, as long as you have passion, confidence and love for what you are doing."

辛迪·莫图哈艾托波哈维     莫科罗船撑篙手
“我12岁起学习在莫科罗船上撑篙,因为在我长大的村庄里,莫科罗船是我们出行使用的交通工具。起初,我很紧张。一开始我想:我以撑船为业,人们会怎么说?‘不行,这是男人的工作。’ 然后我突然想到,不行,我需要做出改变。我需要为女性树立一个榜样,告诉大家一切皆有可能,只要你对自己所做的事情充满热情、自信和爱,就能达成目标。”

Khoury Ibrahim, tourist
"Well, I've never had a female guide on a safari-type experience before or, really, that many female guides in general with outdoor experiences. So, it's really nice to have a female guide, especially as a woman myself, to be able to connect with other women in this way, which I don't usually get to do."

库莉·易卜拉欣     游客

Botswana is one of the prime wildlife safari destinations in Africa.


The Okavango Delta stretches 15,000 square kilometres. It is home to hundreds of species of wildlife and flora.


Polers also act as wildlife guides, sharing local knowledge.


Cindy Mothogaathobogwe, Mokoro boat poler
"The plant uses this jelly to protect itself from being eaten by insects. That's why we as locals also have taken that and then use it."

辛迪·莫图哈艾托波哈维     莫科罗船撑篙手

The nation attracts millions of tourists every year, although numbers were down during the Covid pandemic.


Cindy Mothogaathobogwe, Mokoro boat poler
"I think what I'm doing is an example to every woman that nothing is difficult. As long as you like something, you can do it."

辛迪·莫图哈艾托波哈维     莫科罗船撑篙手

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