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单词 claim 的常见用法
单词 “claim” 有动词和名词两个词性,常见的用法有三种:包括用来表示 “声称”、“索取(钱)” 和 “获得”。看视频,学习如何使用单词 “claim”。
1. “Claim” 可以表示 “说法,断言” 或 “声称,宣称”,这个用法主要突出强调不确定某人是否在说真话。
He claims he did the assignment, but I haven't seen it.
Her claim is that she didn't get the message, but I definitely sent it.
2. “Claim” 还可以表示 “索取” 或 “索款”,常出现在与金钱相关的上下文中。
After the accident she claimed money from her insurance company.
The funding claim for our project has been accepted.
3. “Claim” 作动词,还可以表示 “获得,赢取”。
He claimed the prize by winning the race.
She claimed a place at a prestigious university.


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