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> A special 'café' brings comfort to guests who have lost a loved one
上海“死亡咖啡馆”走红 咖啡只送不卖用故事来换



Making arrangements at a funeral parlor for a loved one lost can be an upsetting experience.


One undertaker staffed by young people is trying to alleviate the agony by creating an environment where the bereaved can pour out their hearts about perceptions of life and death.


Called Baiduren, or "Ferrymen" — a reference perhaps to Charon in Greek mythology, the ferryman who took souls across the river that separated the living and the dead.


The Baiduren salon is decorated in a modern style, with soft lighting that contrasts with traditional funeral homes that are dim, full of funeral regalia and heavily scented by joss sticks.


Inside Baiduren, which looks by outward appearances like a café, relatives of the dead can tell staff stories that they may not be able to share with friends and family for number of reasons. A team of staff 40 years and younger lends their ears.


"Our job initially was funeral planning and handling related affairs like portrait design for customers, after a few years in business, we felt that we wanted to make a breakthrough in the industry because there are still so many stereotypes about and biases against funeral homes," said Xiaolin, leader of what Badiruen calls the "life experiencing project."


On one wall of the salon, messages from customers are pinned.


Reading through them, one senses that no matter how sad or desolate people may feel when they walk in the door, voicing emotions eases the pain by the time they leave.


The salon, from the standpoint of both staff and customers, points to a change in how people — especially the young — view death and funerals.


Its customers shun a common belief that the rituals of death are taboo to be shrouded in darkness.


And those searching for jobs no longer regard undertakers as a profession to be avoided at all costs.


Indeed, many on the team at Baiduren come from different career tracks, often never thinking they would end up in the funeral business when in college.


> Tourism booms in three-day Tomb Sweeping holiday
清明旅游市场再掀热潮 国内旅游出游1.19亿人次

A girl flies a kite in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province on Saturday. [Photo/Xinhua]


The just-finished three-day Tomb Sweeping Day holiday, which started on Thursday, saw a tourism boom both in traveler numbers and tourism-related revenues.


According to the latest release by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Saturday evening, domestic destinations nationwide received about 119 million visits during the holiday, up 11.5 percent from that in 2019.


The travel boom this year, generated a tourism-related consumption of about 54 billion yuan over the holiday, with the number marking a rise of 12.7 percent compared with that in 2019, the ministry said.


Spring outings, both to domestic attractions and overseas destinations, saw a remarkable increase during the holiday.


Figures from the ministry show that the Chinese mainland saw 1.04 million inbound trips and 992,000 heading to overseas destinations.


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