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The script of this programme 本节目台词


Helen: Rob, I'm so excited! Justin Bieber 随时都有可能离开酒店。我真等不及他从酒店大门出来的那一刻。我要他的签名 autograph, 好好珍藏起来!

Rob: I have to say that his music is not to my taste, but it is fun to be in a place where things are happening, I suppose!

Helen: …it's him! 是他!快拍照!Rob. 看我!朝我这儿看! I'm here! 我在这儿!

Rob: Who's this, Helen? This isn't Justin Bieber. This guy is much taller and his hair is very dark and… it's much longer too.

Helen: No Rob, this is not Justin Bieber. This is Forest Trunk!

Rob: Forest who? I've never heard of him! …

Helen: I bet you have, Rob! 你可能在流行杂志上看到过他!是八人组合 Wild Boys 的成员之一。 我可喜欢他了!I love him! 他可是个名人,a celeb.

Rob: A celeb?! That's not quite right, Helen. Celeb is an informal abbreviation of the word 'celebrity', which is used in English to refer to people who are actually famous, especially in show business. Let's listen to some examples:

  • "Elizabeth Taylor was a celeb most of her life. She was taken to Los Angeles as a child and began her film career at the age of nine."
  • "I've been taking singing lessons and one day I'll record a song with Justin Bieber and become a celeb like him!"

Celeb (Celebrity) 娱乐圈名人

Helen: Ah, Justin Bieber! Okay Rob, a celebrity or a celeb, 意思都是指娱乐圈里的名人,像那个人… 就像她!

Rob: Her who?! Who is that woman… who might have forgotten to put her skirt on! She is wearing a shirt and a belt.

Helen: Rob 那不是腰带。It's her skirt – 是她的裙子。真够短的!你瞧,这不是另一个娱乐圈的 celeb 吗?It's Margot Marigold!

Rob: Marigold? I've never heard of her.

Helen: 她是 Forest Trunk's girlfriend! 既然是女友,穿着就得讲究一点儿。这条裙子 skirt 肯定会畅销。She is a celeb!

Rob: Well, that's the trend nowadays. In our society everything is fast, the world is getting smaller and there is a tendency for people who are not really well-known to be called 'celebs'. So I wouldn't be surprised to find this word everywhere.

Helen: Don't be sad, Rob. 不过对我们 Learning English 来说,你可是我们的 celeb! 记得去年的圣诞晚会上你大展歌喉,连大楼里其他公司的人都认识你了!

Rob: Don't remind me of that. They are making fun of me to this day because I was so out of tune.

Helen: 所以说,你也出名了!你是 a celeb, 尽管不是所有的人都欣赏你的歌喉,Rob.

Rob: I might ask Justin Bieber for some pointers. And, by the way, here he comes!

Helen: That's him! Justin Bieber 从酒店出来了。Justin, here! I'm here! 我在这儿呢!

Rob: Justin, teach me to sing! Justin, teach me to sing, lah lah lah…


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