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Jen: Hello, I'm Jennifer. Welcome to Authentic Real English. Joining me in the studio today is Helen. Hi Helen!

Helen: Hi Jen! 你怎么上班来了?我以为你今天请假休息了呢?

Jen: No, that's next week. I'm taking two weeks off work and I can't wait!

Helen: Are you going on holiday?

Jen: Not this time, it's too expensive, but I do have a few irons in the fire that will keep me busy across the fortnight...

Helen: Irons in the fire? 烧铁?这是什么意思?你几时成了铁匠?

Jen: No, Helen, I'm not an ironmonger...

Helen: ...because that could be great! 我看中了一个特别漂亮的手工打造的铁床架子,不过实在是太贵了。Perhaps with your new iron-making skills you can make me one, instead!

Jen: I definitely don't have any iron-making skills!

Helen: But you said you had a few irons in the fire... Oh! 我理解错了,是不是你有很多衣服要烫?你衣服可多了,那得花很多时间才能烫完。

Irons in the fire 同时做很多事情

What are Jen's irons in the fire?

Jen: No, that's not what I meant!

Helen: So what did you mean?

Jen: This is another English phrase which you shouldn't take too literally. If you have a few irons in the fire, it means that you have a few different projects or potential ideas going on at the same time.

Helen: I see. 你不早点解释,原来这个短语 irons in the fire 和打铁,烫衣服都没关系,它的意思是同时有好几件事情要办,或者是同时你有好多选择。So you have a few irons in the fire because you have a few different options for your fortnight off?

Jen: That's right - I can't wait.

Helen: So, tell me, Jen, what are your irons in the fire - what are you planning?

Jen: Well, I have a friend in Paris who I haven't seen for ages, so I could go there... I'd like to pop up to Scotland to visit my sister and her children for a few days... There's also a cheap deal to Turkey that I've seen and I already have some yoga classes booked in!

Helen: Wow, that's a lot!

Jen: There was one thing you were right about, though...

Helen: What's that?

Jen: I do have a huge pile of ironing to do, too! Join us again for another edition of Authentic Real English from Bye for now!

Helen: Bye!


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