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The script of this programme 本节目台词

Neil: (Yawning) Welcome to Authentic Real English with me - a very tired Neil - and Feifei.

Feifei: (Yawning) 大家好!我是冯菲菲。欢迎收听今天这期睡意满满的《地道英语》节目。

Neil: Oh, Feifei, I'm so tired!

Feifei: Me too. The kids?

Neil: Ah, they kept me awake all night. As soon as one of them went back to sleep, the other one started screaming. What's your excuse?

Haven't slept a wink 彻夜未眠

Are you as tired as Neil or Feifei today?

Feifei: A mosquito.

Neil: A mosquito?

Feifei: Yes, there was a mosquito in my room. Every time I turned the light off and tried to go to sleep I heard buzzing in my ear. 昨天晚上睡觉的时候,我房间里进了只蚊子,我一关灯,它就出来嗡嗡翁,搞的我都快要疯了。I haven't slept a wink.

Neil: And I haven't slept a wink either! A wink is when you close and open one of your eyes very quickly once - usually to show friendliness or that you are having a joke with someone. It's also a verb - to wink.

Feifei: A wink 眨眼,一眨眼间。To wink 向谁挤眼,眨眼。 如果我们说 I haven't slept a wink 意思就是我眼睛都没合一下,彻夜未眠。这个表达比较夸张。

Neil: Here are some examples:

  • A: You look terrible! What's the matter?
  • B: I haven't slept a wink. It was a really bad idea to move to a flat next to a pub.

  • A: How about a trip to the cinema tonight?
  • B: Sorry I can't. I haven't slept a wink. There were cats outside fighting all night.

Neil: So, we can use 'I haven't slept a wink' to say that we are very tired because we haven't had much sleep. I can't wait to get home tonight and just jump into bed… (Yawns) I don't know how I'm going to get through the rest of this programme, let alone the rest of the work day.

Feifei: (Yawns) Me neither.

Neil: Nice and quiet in here, isn't it?

Feifei: And dark.

Neil: Do you think anyone would notice if we just…

Feifei: That's a great idea! I'll just put these two chairs together.

Neil: And I'll rest my head on this desk and… (snoring)

(Sound of babies screaming and mosquitos buzzing)

Neil: Argh there's nowhere to escape!

Feifei: Argh!

Neil: Kids! Mosquitos! Urgh!



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