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The script of this programme 本节目台词

Jennifer: Hi, I'm Jennifer and this is Authentic Real English. In this programme, we teach you about English words or phrases which you might not find in the dictionary. Here comes Feifei.

Feifei: Hello Jen. 大家好!Jen 我有事儿要告诉你。

Jennifer: Oh yes, what is it?

Feifei: 我刚才在接水喝的时候听见老板说他准备让咱们每个人去度假两周,而且是免费的!

Jennifer: A free holiday?

Feifei: Yes, I'm sure that's what he said.

Jennifer: Don't make me laugh!

Don't make me laugh! 别逗了!

Feifei: It does sound too good to be true. Jen 刚才说 "don't make me laugh" 意思是"你太可笑了,别逗了"。在英语里,别人告诉你一件事情,而你觉得这个事儿肯定不会发生,这时你就可以说 don't make me laugh.

Jennifer: And I don't think the boss is going to give us a holiday, especially a free one. The boss giving us special treats...? Don't make me laugh.

Feifei: Let's hear some more examples of this phrase.

  • A: I heard that Justin Bieber is going to play a gig at our Christmas party!
  • B: Don't make me laugh - he's far too famous to come here.

  • A: Do you think that the Scotland football team could win the World Cup one day?
  • B: Don't make me laugh - they've never won anything!

Feifei: So, 'don't make me laugh' 这个表达用来表示你觉得某件事儿肯定不会发生。

Jennifer: Like our boss giving away free holidays. So I wonder what he did mean?

Feifei: 哎,你快看,老板发了封邮件。他说 "I'm going away for two weeks. You will all need to work extra hard during this time, and don't call me - I want a work-free holiday."

Jennifer: You see? I told you he wouldn't give away free holidays. He wants a work-free holiday: that means he doesn't want to think about work while he's away.

Feifei: 没办法,刚才是我听错了。免费度假这个希望是完全破灭了!

Jennifer: So, are you planning to work 'extra hard' while he's away?

Feifei: Oh, don't make me laugh! I'm not working hard, I'm going to take advantage and have a relaxing two weeks without the boss here!

Jennifer: That sounds like a good plan. Join us again for another edition of Authentic Real English from BBC Learning English. Bye for now!

Feifei: Bye!


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