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The script of this programme 本节目台词

Li: Oh, 今天天气这么好,户外野餐,没治了!Finn. Thank you for inviting me.

Finn: Yes, Li. I thought we could enjoy this rare sunny day in London and I wanted you to try some of my new recipes.

Li: 品尝你的新菜谱总是令我很开心啊,你可谓是一个真正的英国名厨,一流的。Finn 你知道吗,我从未想到我竟然会喜欢吃你的橄榄白巧克力沙拉!

Finn: And what about the beetroot loaf?

Li: 对了,还有你的紫菜头面包,很不寻常不过味道还不错,我很可能再要一块!

Finn: OK. But now it's time for my best creation: my special ice cream. Here it is, Li. This is the bee's knees!

The bee's knees 极好的人或物

Are there bee's knees in Finn's special ice cream?

Li: 你的冰淇淋是 the bee's knees?! 蜜蜂的膝盖?!

Finn: Yes! Here is the bowl and the spoon. Tuck in!

Li: 不要不要,我不想吃,你怎么这么残忍,可怜的蜜蜂,膝盖都没了,怎么产蜜呢?Finn, 别忘了,每个人都喜欢吃蜂蜜!

Finn: Oh, Li, no, no, no, no. No bees were harmed in the making of this dish.

Li: 真的?你真的没有伤害那些无辜的蜜蜂?在提取蜜蜂膝盖的时候你用没用麻药?

Finn: 'The bee's knees' is an expression we use in English to say that something or someone is exceptionally good.

Li: Ahhh I see...

Finn: That's it!

Li: 'The bee's knees' 原来这是一个成语,意思是什么东西或什么人非常出色.

Finn: Let's hear some examples.

  • I used to play in a band when I was younger. We had a few fans and we thought we were the bee's knees. Yesterday I listened to one of our tapes and we sounded horrible!
  • This is the best laptop I've ever bought. It is very light and has the best features. It is really the bee's knees!

Finn: You see, there are no knees and no bees in this ice cream - only a great taste! It's the bee's knees because it's exceptionally good. Really, really good and it's made of cinnamon! What do you think, Li?

Li: 你真有创造性。肉桂冰淇淋,从来没有听说过。不过,Finn 你看,你看,公园里的蜜蜂怎么都飞过来了,知道你不会伤害它们,这些聪明的小家伙都蜂拥而上,要来品尝你的美味冰淇淋,我们要不要换个地方?

Finn: Yes! Come on. That's a very good idea, Li. Let's get out of here! Bye.

Li: Bye.


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