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The script of this programme 本节目台词

Jennifer: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English from BBC Learning English. My name is Jennifer and Li is with me here in the studio.

Li: 大家好,我是杨莉。So what have you been doing this morning, Jen?

Jennifer: Well, I've been playing on this great new game on my smartphone. It's a puzzle where you have to find matching pictures of fruit. It sounds easy, but it's really addictive.

Li: 什么?智能手机上的水果拼图智力游戏. 我最喜欢这种让人上瘾的智力游戏了。要不要让我来试试?

Jennifer: Yes, you can. In fact, I'm stuck on level 33. I can't complete it at all. Why don't you see if you can do it for me? It's doing my head in!

It's doing my head in 真让人受不了

Li: OK, give it to me and I will see what I can do. Jen 说,这个电脑游戏 'doing her head in'. 意思就是很令她很沮丧,很恼火 'doing your head in'.

Jennifer: It's a phrase which is often used by young people, it's a slang phrase.

Li: 这是个年轻人经常使用的俗语。

Jennifer: Let's hear some examples of how you might use it:

  • Can you please turn that music down? It's so loud and it's really doing my head in!
  • I've done all of my maths homework, except question two. I can't work out the answer and it's really doing my head in.
  • I hate it when people drop litter in the street - it does my head in to see so much rubbish everywhere.

Jennifer: So the computer game is doing my head in because I find it difficult. It's frustrating.

Li: 在你感到某人或某事让你受不了的时候也可以用这个短语。

  • I don't want to invite Sonia to the Christmas party. She gossips all the time. She really does my head in.

Jennifer: So 'doing your head in' is a really useful phrase to know, wouldn't you agree, Li?

Li: (ignoring Jen but playing computer game) Yes! Yes!

Jennifer: Li, I said: 'doing your head in is a really useful phrase'.

Li: (still playing the game) Hang on... If I can just match these pictures... Yes! Level 34!

(music fades out then back in)

Jennifer: Li, it's been five hours. I need my phone back now.

Li: But I'm on level 79 - just let me get to level 80 and I'll give it back to you!

Jennifer: Oh Li, you're really doing MY head in. Join us again for another edition of Authentic Real English from BBC Learning English. Bye!



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