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The script of this programme 本节目台词

Finn: Hi, and welcome to Authentic Real English. I'm Finn.

Feifei: And I'm Feifei. This is the programme in which we teach English slang, idioms and new language in general.

(Buzzing sound)

Feifei: What was that?

Finn: Oh sorry, I was going to mention I brought along some sound effects today from the BBC sound effects cupboard.

Feifei: Ohhh, 音响效果,音效。

(Buzzing sound)

Finn: That one there, was a... well how would you describe it?

Feifei: Hmm... 嗡嗡声 a buzz?

Finn: Very good, yes, a buzz. Now another one, much lighter this time...

(Tinkle sounds)

Feifei: Yes - I'd call that sound a kind of tinkling sound 叮当作响。

Finn: A tinkle. OK, we've had a buzz and a tinkle, now listen to this…

(Bell sound)

Phone slang 电话的俚语表达

Feifei:Well, that's easy - it's a bell 铃声、钟声。

Finn: Absolutely right. A buzz, a tinkle and a bell...

Feifei: OK - I'm hoping you're going to explain the connection with English slang?

Finn: Well, it's about this...

(Phone ringing sound)

Finn: ...phones. All three words can be used instead of the word 'call' in this sentence…

  • I'll give you a call later tonight.

Feifei: I'll give you a call. Right - so we could say:

  • I'll give you a buzz later tonight.

Finn: Or:

  • I'll give you a tinkle later tonight.

Finn: Or, you guessed it:

  • I'll give you a bell later tonight.

Finn: That's it, easy. Right: so you now have three new ways to talk about making phone calls. But what about the word for phone itself?

(Dog barking sound)

Feifei: OK - well, that was the sound of a dog!

Finn: That was my dog, Frankie. Shhh, Frankie! Believe it or not - 'dog' is a slang word for 'phone' - it comes from a special kind of London slang called Cockney rhyming slang...

Feifei: Yes - this is a good one. 狗都喜欢啃骨头 dogs like bones, 短语 dog and bone 和 phone 连在一起说很押韵。Dog and bone, phone!

Finn: It does rhyme, yes, so in some parts of the UK you'll hear it used in the same way as the phrase: 'on the phone'... 'on the dog'.

  • A: Where's Malcolm?
  • B: He's on the dog.
  • A: Tell him to come and find me when he finishes, ok?

(Dog barking sound)

Finn: Be quiet, Frankie!

(Dog whimpering sound)

Finn: On the dog. Great, so we've heard buzzes, tinkles and bells - even a dog, and now - one more: listen very carefully...

(Finn blows on microphone)

Feifei: Finn, 你对这麦克风吹个什么劲儿 you're blowing onto the microphone...

Finn: I am indeed. Another word for 'phone', used in the same way as 'dog', is 'blower'...

Feifei: As in, you're on the blower...

Finn: Perfect.

  • Marc's been on the blower for three hours!
  • Philip loves to talk on the phone. He's always on the blower.

Finn: Great - I hope we've learned some useful expressions today! And hope the lovely BBC sound effects can help you remember them...

Feifei: Actually, I have one sound effect for you:

(Lion roaring)

Finn: A lion?!

Feifei: Indeed...

Finn: Oh, I don't know this slang expression, it must be very new! So, can we say: 'I'm on the lion'?

Feifei: No...

Finn: Or: 'Give me a lion'?

Feifei: No, again, I'm afraid...

Finn: Or: 'That's the lion ringing'?

Feifei: 不是的,其实这个音效和与电话有关的俚语没有任何关系 I just like the sound of lions roaring!

(Lion roaring)

Finn: (sighs) Join us again for more Authentic Real English.

Feifei: Bye.

Finn: Bye.


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