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To drink someone under the table 酒量胜人一筹

Have a tipple - but don't abuse the booze


The script of this programme 本节目台词

Neil: OK Li, here it is - a nice bottle of red wine, glasses... Let's celebrate your promotion... err... Li, where are you?

Li: 我在下面了。Down here, Neil!

Neil: What on earth are you doing under the table?!

Li: You have always said you can drink me under the table.

Neil: Well, yes, I did say that...

Li: Well, here I am. Give me my wine please.

Neil: Li, in English, when you say you can drink someone under the table you mean you can drink as much alcohol as that person, without getting drunk - while your companion has already passed out on the floor.

Li: 啊,原来你是这个意思。害得我爬到桌子底下! 我用中文把这个短语给大家解释一下吧,drink someone under the table 就是你和朋友两个人同时喝酒,俩人喝的一样多,但当你朋友喝的烂醉如泥瘫倒在了桌子底下的时候,你却一点儿没事,没有任何醉意。这句话就是要说明你的酒量比对方大,酒量胜人一筹。

Neil: Indeed. 'To drink someone under the table' is today's expression in Authentic Real English. Let's hear some examples of how it's used.


  • I do like a gin and tonic after a hard day at work but Alan can drink me under the table!
  • When Beth realised she could drink anyone under the table she decided to stop drinking alcohol and go into rehab.

Li: Oh OK. I get it now. There are so many funny expressions in the English language, Neil. It's fun to learn!

Neil: Yes! I'll drink to that! We have loads of expressions... loads and loads!

Li: Oh dear. Sometimes I want to drink just to forget that there's so much to learn!

Neil: Come on, Li. You've just been promoted. Let's celebrate with a toast.

Both: Cheers!

Li: Bye!


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