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Out of juice 没电了

Electricity is one type of 'juice' that keeps us going


The script of this programme 本节目台词

Helen: 欢迎收听BBC英语教学制作的《地道英语》节目。大家好,我是 Helen。

Neil: Hello everyone. I'm Neil. It's great to be here today Helen.

Helen: You are very cheerful today.

Neil: I feel pretty good, I walked from the train station to the office and the walk seems to have energised me.

(phone rings)

Helen: That's my mobile. Hello, hello? Anyone there? Hello?

Neil: Oh dear Helen, it looks like you may be out of juice.

Helen: 你说什么?I am not drinking any juice. 我可没喝果汁。不过我的手机好像没电了。

Neil: That's what I mean. Your phone isn't working because it's out of juice.

Helen: 请你解释一下:这个果汁 juice 和我的手机有什么关系呢?

Neil: When you've used all the battery power of something like a mobile phone, so that it doesn't work anymore, we can say it's 'out of juice'. It's a slang expression.

Helen: 我听明白了,out of juice 的意思就是“没电了”,不过大家要注意这是个口语表达。请听例句。


  • My laptop's out of juice. This is so frustrating.
  • I am packing three spare phone batteries so I don't run out of juice on my climbing trip.

Helen: Can we use it for anything else apart from batteries? 除了表示电池没电之外,这个短语还有其它用法吗?

Neil: Sure, sometimes if a person feels low on energy, they could say, 'I'm out of juice'. Also if your car is low on petrol, you could say, 'The car's running out of juice.'

Helen: 当一个人觉得自己能量很低的时候、没劲儿或者汽车没油的时候也能用 out of juice 来形容。Thanks for explaining this phrase. Now I'm feeling quite thirsty - a glass of juice would be most welcome.

Neil: Let's get some then. Meanwhile, charge your phone, so it's got plenty of juice.

Helen: Will do.

Neil: See you next time.

Both: Bye!


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